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What are Capricorn men like as boyfriends?

Asked by californiabeachbabe (10points) January 9th, 2019

What are Capricorn men like as boyfriends?

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The only difference between Capricorns and non-Capricorns is that Capricorns celebrate their birthdays somewhere from December 21 to January 21. Everything else is astrological bullshit.

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“Pragmatic and stoic on the surface, earthy Capricorn may not seem romantic at all, but when Capricorn surrenders to love, the earth cracks and a warm sensitive person is found beneath the surface.”

“Capricorn is an ambitious sign and is most often attracted to ambitious partners over laid back ones. The signs that seem the most compatible with the Capricorn include a loyal Taurus and a practical Virgo. However, number one on the list of best matches for a Capricorn is ambitious, goal-oriented, enigmatic Scorpio.”

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@SavoirFaire That is what non-believers would say. Resist the astrological information as much as you want, that doesn’t prevent other people from easily utilizing the information and reaping benefits from it.

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@Unofficial_Member “That is what non-believers would say.”

If by “non-believers” you mean “people who aren’t deluded about how the universe works,” then yes. That is exactly what we would say.

“Resist the astrological information as much as you want”

I’m not resisting anything. I’m denying that astrology provides anything worthy of being called “information.” It’s nothing more than confirmation bias and the Forer effect—two cognitive biases strong enough to make people overlook the fact that the entire theory was based on assumptions we now know are false (e.g., that the sun revolves around the Earth, that there are only 12 constellations on the zodiacal ecliptic, that those constellations are real objects consisting of stars situated close to one another, etc.) and that there is no evidence for any of the claims made by astrologists (who do not even have a plausible explanation of how objects in the sky are supposed to effect so many aspects of an individual’s life).

“that doesn’t prevent other people from easily utilizing the information and reaping benefits from it.”

Astrology is nonsense, and attempting to match yourself with another person on the basis of astrology is nonsense upon stilts. Life is hard enough without tricking ourselves into thinking that every coincidence is a marker of destiny. Taking astrology seriously can give you false hope for a relationship that will go nowhere and may keep you attached to a relationship that you would be better off abandoning. If those are the “benefits” of astrology, then I don’t need them. Anyone who wants to be in a happy relationship should focus on the things that really matter—which does not include the relative placement of objects in space at the time of one’s birth.

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Capricorns (both men and women) are always whining, “my birthday is around the holidays, so nobody ever wants to celebrate, and all I get for presents are things people are re-gifting from Christmas.”

Better to date a man with a springtime birthday, a Gemini like me. And, @californiabeachbabe, I live in California too!

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I agree with @SavoirFaire, but for a different reason.

By “Capricorn men”, I’m 100% sure you are talking about the people whose birthday falls in Capricorn date. And that’s going to mean 1/12 of the Earth entire population. And we are supposed to put 1/12 of the Earth population into one single stereotyped basket?

There’s no such thing as “Capricorn men”. People are made up of different signs. That’s the reason why it’s called “astrology”, not “12 signs personality”. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to provide information on this because I don’t want to put people into easy labels like this.

@zenvelo I’m a Gemini woman. Let’s date together! Two good things make a double-good-thing ~

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There is some truth to astrology and that is that people read there signs makeup and then try to emulate those attributes that are highlighted..human nature.
Of course people are made up of so much more but astrology is just a outline to start from and to be taken lightly, much like a fortune cookie, it makes one feel better ,if even for a moment.
In some cultures when a child is born it is customary to get their lifetime astrological fortune done, more in depth and serious then we see nowadays online. Eastern Philosophy is more Spiritually inclined and they take Astrology seriously when an expert is plotting their charts. I had a friend from Hong Kong who had hers done as a child and 25 years later she almost married one not suited for her , just as the chart noted ,warning her to wait a year after age 25 yrs then a more suitable partner would be available. I don’t know what happened after that , as I lost contact with her as we moved away.Point is, that some cultures are more seriously involved and thus more skilled in more than just Astrology signs that we in the West have seen online .

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The question translates to “What are some men like as boyfriends?”

The answer is, “Some are like other men, and some are like other other men.”

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I’m a Capricorn. I think I’m a terrible boyfriend. Sometimes I wonder though, is it because I just couldn’t find a match with the perfect sign. Like a Pisces?

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OF the Capricorns that were in my life I noted that they were very ambitious and goal orientated so another ambitious partner would be perfect for them. They are serious minded and not into frivolous relationships. If you can help them to reach their goals while attending to your own ambitions then this would be a good match. Or so it says online..but other factors play into at what age one meets them? The older the Capricorn the more successful and ambitious they are.Also they tend to have long term relationships and do not marry until they are established themselves first.

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Inspired….you are right on note with your Capricorn information as my son is one and he is nearing 30 and still establishing himself in his field. It is very important to him. He has a girlfriend that I am sure he will marry someday soon. She is a mechanical engineer and that challenges him and is perfect for him as he doesn’t like drama and flirty girls and wants a secure home life but nothing really fancy.

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