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Are you watching the Border Security roundtable right now?

Asked by KNOWITALL (20138points) January 10th, 2019

Apparently, only a few news organizations are airing it. Seems like many people don’t even know it’s on, yet it’s pretty important to hear all sides of an argument.

Just curious if any of you are watching and your opinions.

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It Trump running for president 2020 with Breitbart’s help!

Da Fuhrer did the same thing !

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The people represented agencies and local elected officials, who participated in the roundtable. It was really interesting hearing from the source, rather than either party.

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I watched some of it on C-Span. What the border patrol agents had to say was interesting and as you say it is good to hear what people on the ground are experiencing. I would bear in mind that this was a roundtable organised by Trump in support of his wall so you didn’t hear all sides of the argument presented.

For example Trump exaggerates the problems experienced at the border. McAllen, where he visited, is experiencing some of the lowest crime rates in 30 years. None of them were represented at the meeting.

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Sorry, meant to add this..the wall isn’t so popular locally as large tracts of private property would need to be acquired by the government to create space for the wall and service roads, driving up construction costs, and several local farmers and ranchers in the McAllen area say they will challenge the administration’s plan in court. None of them were represented at the roundtable..

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@flutherother Actually that was discussed, too. Trust me, local officials are not required to have allegiance to any President, especially in Texas, and that almost flipped!

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Whatever the short time decisions, the eminent domain issues will probably take years to resolve in the courts.

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@KNOWITALL they were all stooges and minions!

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Was trump there?

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Probably decades. Hell, there are still eminent domain cases in the federal court system that started during the administration of Bush II.

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@Dutchess Yes he was.

@Strauss One ole boy in a big cowboy hat said they’d take it kindly if the wall or whatever followed property lines. So theres that.

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A Breitbart link? For real?

GA’s to @flutherother.

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