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Does the audio of Trump during this meeting blow your mind?

Asked by Dutchess_III (39825points) January 10th, 2019

Here. This is not a video. The audio is an overlay on the article. The dems are trying to get the president to sign off on something that would reopen parts of the government so people can get paid. Trump flatly refuses to do so, but in a very immature, bullying and childish way, then he walks out.

It blows my mind.

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Remember in November offer to drive anyone to the polling place.
Got to vote them out !

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It is what I expect from this mentally deficient ape.

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Don’t insult the apes, man.

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“I know you are but what am I?” seems to be the height of his rhetorical powers.

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Not at this point.

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I almost never listen to the man so it struck me pretty hard. I guess it shouldn’t have. It is SO depressing that he is our president.

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It blows my mind that no one has replaced trump with an ape yet. Would make people sleep better imo.

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Replacing him with a 6 year old would relax me.

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I’m about to sleep. Do I dare listen to this?

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No. You will fall asleep crying.

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I couldn’t get it to play. Is it the video of Trump asking a reporter if he would sign if he were President?

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As I said in the details, it is not a video. It’s an audio overlay on the article attached. He’s in a meeting and he isn’t talking to reporters (I don’t think.)

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What blew my mind were the witless sycophants laughing at his dumb and snide remark at the end.

People like that are the real dangers. They enable the power mad.

You should be thanking your lucky stars that Trump is too stupid, lazy and incompetent to be truly terrible. Imagine if someone like a Cheney were in his place.

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