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What does God have against expensive sports cars?

Asked by elbanditoroso (24888points) 1 month ago

This guy link says that God told him drive his Ferrari into the ocean.

What do you think? God crazy? Drugs? Alcohol? or just plain nuts?

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The guy is nuts or on drugs. God doesn’t do such things as to tell people to do stupid shit.

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He is angry that they are not starships, and that he can not use them to escape Sha ka ree.

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He was a Florida man . That explains a lot.

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^^^^ Rite^^^^ @LuckyGuy it’s in the water, tastes like sulfur.

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God would have told him to sell it, and give the money to the poor, so I don’t think it was God.
Unless he prefers Lamborghinis.

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It’s too funny! Some guy hears a voice and automatically assumes that it’s “God” talking!

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Well, obviously God wanted the car but he couldn’t have it until it was dead so….there you have it.

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Maybe the god was Poseidon.

Poseidon likes cool rides.

Ferrari’s horse motif seems like his style.

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Jealousy. God wants one of her own.

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