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Does watching the news ever sadden or anger you?

Asked by flyawayxxballoon (1352points) August 22nd, 2008

Sometimes when I’m watching the news, I come across a story that is particularly sad, or a story that just makes me mad at a person who did something ridiculously stupid that caused huge problems for innocent people. Does anything ever make you feel this way?

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Does it ever not?

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Angers me. Not so much what they’re reporting, like i get it, this worlds fucked up and people do fucked up things. Its just how they report it that pisses me off like could really care less. IE the other night after the olympics ended the news came on “In a cool and twisted chance of fate, a tire comes off a MACK Truck bounces across four lanes of traffic, ripping the roof off a minivan and killing the driver” COOL!!?!?!! wtf. I mean id say it was cool if no one was injured but i mean a man died and your on public tv calling it cool? Think how his family feels.

The next story to come on after that was talking about a huge fire that burnt down an apartment complex and 300 families lost their homes and everything in there. And they were just talking about it like no big deal. They interviewed one person and said “How do you feel, that everything you own was just taken away in a mere matter of minutes?” I seriously would have punched the reporter in the face, i mean fuck off. I just lost everything leave me the hell alone.


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Yes. All the time. It almost forces me to avoid the news.

August 22, 2008, 11:34 PM EDT

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Yes, always. Especially when I know they’re being biased or something. I hate the media. Also the stories themselves of course. Makes me wonder about humanity sometimes.

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Absolutely. Today’s news, did both, angered me and saddened me. I only caught part of the story, but a 19 day old baby was abused, 19 days old. The couple’s story, the baby fell out of the bassinet and was accidently stepped on. The injuries (from what I caught of the story) were very extensive and horrifying. Broken ribs, internal injuries, head injuries. I am not sure if the baby is alive or was killed, I was too busy yelling at the TV. The couple is in jail, both being held on $500,000, each.

The very next story was about a teenager that was run over by another woman…on purpose and yes, was killed. All over a guy.

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@cak; Wow, that’s pretty horrible…what is wrong with today’s society?!

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@flyawayxxballoon- I don’t know. It’s horrible, though.

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I used to be a news junkie, and it made me cry almost daily…natural disasters, accidents and worst of all: man’s inhumanity to man. I forced myself to give up all news for a period of time, then started to read the newspaper again, and now the ‘net. I still don’t watch tv news that much.

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Yes, that is why I avoid it most of the time. Immediacy really brings nothing to the party. I like my news after I’ve had time to analyze it a little.

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News today is just propaganda, pretty much.

Just look at Fox News and all of the main branches of media and who they’re owned by… everyone’s got their own agendas and make almost all of the media biased toward one direction.

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Both, but the older I get the more it just saddens me. Sometimes I think that if someone peeked in my window and saw me crying watching the news, they would think I was crazy. News stories about people and their personal suffering brings me to tears. When they were covering Katrina and it aftermath, I cried daily. When the reporters kept asking… How do you feel… What will you do… And these people had lost everything! Wow! Or when they had been stuck on the interstate in that heat with no water and their loved one had passed, and was rotting under a blanket waiting and waiting for a way out. Sad stuff… Sad world.

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Yes, you either have to take a news “fast”, or like Marina, avoid it altogether. Anything really important will make it’s way to you by word of mouth (i.e.: “Hey, you heard Fay is coming, right?”).

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I don’t watch it anymore. My doctor advised me against it for health reasons.

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Only every time I watch it. Unfortunately, I have to watch it all day long. booze helps, and is also delicious. but not for you, flyawayxx

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