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Can sitting in a hot tub loosen the cholesterol in the walls of your blood vessels, or the plaque from the brain?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) January 19th, 2019

Just wondering for years. Also is cholesterol basically just hard grease? What does cholesterol and brain plaque taste like? Butter? Can you harvest to do tests on?

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No. If you raised your body temperature enough to make a difference, you’d be dead.

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Concentrated in the synapse of neurons is an amyloid precursor protein (APP) that extends across the plasma membrane. A portion of this protein contains an Aβ peptide sequence. This region comprises part of the DNA segment spanning APP that codes for proteins. In the formation of senile plaques, Aβ is cleaved from the amyloid precursor protein. Although three enzymes can process APP, only β-(beta) and γ-(gamma) secretase are directly involved in the formation of senile plaques. β-secretase (BACE) is a protease enzyme that cleaves proteins and peptides. This protease cleaves APP to further expose the carboxyl terminal fragments of Aβ. After the bulk of APP is released by this process, γ-secretase cleaves the remaining carboxyl fragments on the transmembrane domain. The sequential actions of γ-secretase following BACE activity results in Aβ protein fragments (amyloid beta) that are released into the extracellular space.Eventually, the accumulation of amyloid beta outside of neuronal synapses forms an aggregate mass of plaque that pushes aside fine ramifications and connections of brain cells especially among those who have been wondering for years what brain plaque tastes like while they sit in a hot tub.

Transposition of the letters q and u is a tell-tale sign of wacky plack.

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If it did I would have heard about it since so many people in these parts have hot tubs.

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Hot tub and hot sex combo might do it? : )

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If big bits loosened would it cause a heart attack or stroke?

This is what I think about when I see those ads for coolsculpting. The fat is going somewhere to be eliminated. I assume it’s through the bloodstream.

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