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Should I stop using my bread machine?

Asked by Ltryptophan (11295points) December 15th, 2016

I bought a gently used bread machine. It works like a charm.

There is a paddle piece on the inside that turns the ingredients into dough. This piece and the container the dough sits in is nonstick covered. The container is perfect with no scuffs, chips, marks, or anything. The paddle flaked off a small bit of nonstick while I was washing it. This troubles me.

I talked to the company who said just buy a new machine, but it won’t hurt me if I keep using it. I said ok so if I chip a nice little pile of the nonstick surface off, I can sprinkle it on my cereal and I’ll be fine right? Answer: “Yes! But not recommended”

So, now it’s up to you. What do you think:

Should I

a) buy a new machine
b) buy a new nonstick coated paddle
c) knead my own dough and get a bread pan, and cook bread in the oven
d) use a 3D printer to make a mold of this paddle, and pour my own paddle out of some different material like ceramic, or gold.
e) buy bread from my local organic bakery so they stay in business
f) stick to steamed brown rice
g) Other: ________

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I’d buy a new paddle unless you have a 3D printer, and then I’d produce my own paddle… not sure what material I’d use. Titanium?

I’ve never used a breadmaker. So I’d actually just make my own bread by hand.

Do buy bread from artisanal bakers to gain new ideas for your own bread making.

Get someone else to make bread for you at home. Having a broken paddle is stressful. Surely someone will take pity on you and make you some homemade bread?

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Paddles are easy to find on eBay.

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c) and e).

I don’t use anything in my kitchen covered in “non-stick” coating.

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Most non-stick surfaces are made from Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) which is a synthetic synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene….that name alone should frighten you but doesn’t really scare me as it is truly a modern miracle polymer used in so many household, industrial and medical applications and generally proven safe. Most of the danger with this and most other polymers is when they begin to break down due to Pyrolysis or extreme high temperatures over 400F more towards 500F that can and will break down high molecular weight compounds like PTFE. I would be more concerned with the damage a flake could cause to scratching your innards more than the exposure to any chemical during digestion of said flake. Here is a cut and paste about the potential bad side of this chemistry….

”“Exposure to PFCs has been associated with kidney and testicular cancer, high cholesterol, abnormal thyroid hormone levels, pregnancy-induced hypertension and preeclampsia, obesity and low birth weight . . . . PFCs pollute water, are persistent in the environment and remain in the body for years. Leading manufacturers of PFCs have agreed to phase out some of these chemicals by the end of 2015, including PFOA, the most notorious, which used to be a key ingredient in making Teflon.”

Similar scary disclaimers are usually found in the small print of most medications or Safety Data Sheets for any and all chemicals.

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If you can buy the part that’s what I would do.

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I lost my “paddle” by overbaking a loaf, throwing it out and forgetting that the paddle was stuck inside the bread. I called the company and told them and they sent me a free one. I asked if I could have two, in case it happened again, and they sent me two. I was totally willing to pay for it but they were nice enough to send it for free, or should I say “send them for free.”

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Given the answers above, I’d call the company again and specifically inquire about a new paddle.
Barring that, I would check eBay and the like.

I wouldn’t continue to use the paddle.

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Also, these machines are super super cheap to buy second hand…at least around here they are. I’ve seen nearly new Cuisinart under $10. Maybe you can buy a better quality used one for what a new paddle, shipped would cost you?

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@ibstubro it’s true. I hate to throw out something that works. I think I will try 3D printing a mold and making a new one. Barring that, I will likely buy one on sale on amazon… If anyone sees one on there that is a good deal for under $30 shipped lemme know.

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@ibstubro also they won’t give parts for my model, therefore I would have to buy a new paddle on the open market for almost 10 times what I paid for the whole machine. ($1)

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@Ltryptophan: What type of bread machine? There are many makes and models and the parts will be different for each .

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It is a breadman TR333. It’s compatible with a couple others.

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I’d go with the (D) golden paddle. One never can be too careful these days.. Or have too expensive of a bread mixing paddle.

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I found the part on Amazon for 18 bucks just now. It looks just like the one that the manufacturer sent me for free. I’m telling you call the company and ask. The worst that can happen is they say no. If it’s compatible with the newer model, they will have the parts in stock.

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@jca is right…if a customer gets me on the phone instead of my customer service rep…I almost always send replacements out for free.

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So, I did call them today. Breadman. “They said GFY! Buy a new bread machine you cheap sob.” I specifically asked for a replacement for the paddle. They do not carry it. And, I asked if they carry any other paddles they said yes, I said well send me that. She said, sorry, it won’t fit. I said I’ll take my chances. She said you’re doomed. I was like I’m 3D printing it, and making it out of gold. She was like sigh

That’s when I turned to everyone here for final decision making

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Thanks for yanking our chains @Ltryptophan No company would ever say “Buy a new bread machine you cheap sob” Just keep using your old paddle and don’t swim for at least 20 minutes after eating and sit at least 4 feet back from your TV to avoid radiation exposure.

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I mean basically that is what she said! she even offered to sell me one of their models for 50% off

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Personally the non-stick wouldn’t bother me. Buy the bread or hand make it for a while (c and e) but keep an eye out for a new second hand machine. I see them all the time but I think the shipping from me to you would be exorbitant!

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I’d say I have the newer one. “Hi, I have the 555 (or whatever the newer one is) and I accidentally threw out the paddle. I’m calling to see if I can order a new paddle. I threw mine out accidentally. Ok, what’s the charge? Ok great. Thank you so much.” Another option is they might have a link on their site to order replacement parts. You might be able to order parts and pay shipping without speaking to a person.

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@jca it’s so old the newer models paddles won’t fit. A good way for me to check that would be to buy and return one to check the paddle style…

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@Ltryptophan: Maybe they’ll send you a free one or maybe just a few bucks. It might be worth it to try. Just tell them you bought the 555 model. I googled it and the 555 seems to be the newer version of the one you have. Even if it’s a few bucks, it’s worth a try.

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I have, like 6 paddles. They are white plastic. I don’t know where they came from, but I have a bunch.

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