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What would you think/do when you find your roommate/partner is sharpening a knife?

Asked by Unofficial_Member (5107points) January 25th, 2019

Well, to be honest, you’re sleeping but upon hearing some weird sound you’re awaken from your slumber and suddenly find him/her sharpening a knife in your bedroom in the middle of the night. He/she has such a blast sharpening the knife and you can’t help but notice that he/she has psychotic eyes and evil grin throughout the session. It seems that the knife is never sharp enough for him/her.

What would you do? Feel free to be as realistic or as funny as you want.

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My first action would be to gently determine whether they are awake, or experiencing RLS/REM sleep. If they are sleepwalking, I would vacate the premises quick. No telling where a dream could take a turn.
If they are awake, I would ask if it was a good time to bring out the brick cheese.

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I would say to this person, “I take hot not cold sake with my sashimi.”

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I would immediately wonder how long it had been since I cleaned my pistol.

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It would be just fine with me, as long as they complimented my ass. ;-)

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I’d wonder why he didn’t have it sharp already. You’re never supposed to put them away dull!

I was recently given a Work Sharp Guided Field Sharperner and have sharpened every knife around the house. It works so well I’ve given one as a gift.
Now my kitchen knives are like razors. I touch up the blades after I use them. It only take a few passes and they’re perfect again.

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I would think that he was in a manic state. Also that he can’t get to sleep. Hopefully he isn’t going in a killing spree.

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Unless he is in a black hoodie, with eyeliner dramatically applied, laughing maniacally, I would TOTALLY ignore it. (sarcasm)

@inherency Bazinga! Haha

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@Sheldon Cooper

Thanks for recognizing the reference. ;-)

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Why can’t the stupid bastard do that in his room instead of waking me up with it?

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I would think they are “sharpening a knife”.Do? Nothing.

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My first impression would be scared of course. But I’ll just pretend to be asleep and make sure that my phone is on my hand ready to dial 911. Paranoid I would be. But why the hell is he/she doing that!?

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