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Why does Rosanne Bar get fired and President Trump gets a pass?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) January 27th, 2019

Is it because the public smelled blood, on Rosanne Bar, when she cowered to the media and apologized, and Trump attacked those who questioned him, and squealed bullied his way out?

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How does inner strength and charisma play into either scenario?

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Harder to fire a president.

Money talks.

In my opinion Roseanne did some really horrible things, but she has been an incredible advocate for civil rights during most of her career, and it was unfortunate so many people seemed to forget that. She became too much of a loose cannon at this point. Her Nazi cookies were unforgivable.

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Roseanne has been somewhat of a joke for decades. That being said, some people just dont take this PC fad very setiously, esp comedians. Many are struggling to adjust their acts.

Trump is not as subject to public mood swings, as impeachment is a difficult process neither party is eager to use.

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What did Trump ‘bully his way out’ of?

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@Yellowdog By not answering reporters questions by calling them fake news and the enemy of the people in the bully pulpit.

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I believe what he said is Fake news is the enemy of the people.

Very clever to twist these words around. You get a whole different meaning. There is never a greater demonstration of this than to actually do it.

You can disagree with Trump and I’m sure there is plenty to disagree over. But make sure you are quoting him correctly.

Also, the news media has been unfairly attacking, libeling, and slandering Trump, (47 printed pages of a list of fake or libelous stories about Trump in 2017 alone) since before he was even elected. With this much yellow journalism, how can anyone get an accurate picture of what the other side stands for or believes?

Fake News is the Enemy of the People ought to be the slogan of every journalism school. It was first said by President Donald J Trump, in extremely libelous, politically charged times.

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@Yellowdog On CNN footage of trump calling a reporters company who hires them fake news. I am not going to search for hours looking for it. I wished for Trump to run when Mitt Romney was running. So it became true. At the least he has gotten more people interested in politics and protest. He will give the country a good reason to come out in droves next presidential election. I agree that CNN is slandering him. I belive that Trump is using positive psychology from the book ” the secret ” and ” creative visualization ” and isnt actually trying to be deceitful. Next election will be amazing to watch. Maybe record numbets of people will vote and run for office.

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Yes, IF the news is fake, it is an enemy to the people, especially the gullible people. The problem is, any news that doesn’t feature trump in a positive light is “fake news,” according to trump.

And which news media has been “unfairly attacking, libeling and slandering” trump @Yellowdog? The Onion? The National Enquirer?

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Unlike the situation with Trump, there aren’t any super-powerful all-for-profit megacorporations who stand to make many billions more dollars and get more and more laws passed in their favor and regulations not enforced for every day Rosanne Barr remained on her TV show.

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