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With Windows XP, what files go to "RECENT"? How long do they stay there? Where do they go afterwards?

Asked by Mr_M (7621points) August 23rd, 2008
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every file you’ve ever opened goes into recent. If you go into start -> recent, thats just your most recent. But if you went my computer -> C -> documents and settings -> user -> recent (i thinks they’re the paths I’m on mac right now) you can see a shortcut to every file you’ve opened. If you delete this folder it gets rid of them.

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joey is correct. You have to type in the address in the path bar. As far as how long they stay, depends upon how many things you open. I believe that the recent items has a maximum capacity of 15 items, so after you’re 16th that first one goes out the window. Where it goes… That’s a bit fuzzy although I would imagine that it just gets deleted out of the cache (more specifically you’re recent folder) and goes the way of everything else in windows: deleted… but not. =) HTH.

ps If you want to increase the amount of items on the list use this link

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