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Is there even such a thing as "the outside"?

Asked by ragingloli (44254points) 1 month ago

Absolutely speaking.
You maybe outside relative to your house, but you are still inside a city. Inside a country, inside the atmosphere, inside the galaxy, inside the Local Group, inside the Laniakea Supercluster, inside the Pisces–Cetus Supercluster Complex, inside the Universe.
And it is doubtful that there is an “outside the universe”.

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I think there is, as long as you are inside.
Or, outside is the new inside.

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The existence of an “inside”, inherently implies the existence of an “outside”.

What does “inside” even mean if “outside” doesn’t exist?

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Questioner: How should we treat others?

Ramana Maharshi: There are no others.

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I kinda did that existential crisis last week. While waiting for Godot.
Today I will be aware of my tongue. Which is inside my mouth. And so on.

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Sure, Outside is stored inside a “Klein Bottle”.
Next to the more interesting pharmaceuticals.

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The universe is an infinite sphere, the centre of which is everywhere, but its circumference nowhere. The concept of “insideness” cannot exist in the face of this truth. Even now everything is inside the tiniest speck of dust and already everything is outside it.

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If there are multiple universes, which string theory predicts, then we may be outside of infinitely many of them.

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The Twilight Zone exists for all men, you included.

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It’s all relative, dude. Even how high you are is relative.

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The question is a waste of words, a result to be expected when one is high or drunk. Silly shit may seem profound when reaon is impaired. Go sleep it off.

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Enclosed space: inside. Space not enclosed: outside.

The boundaries might be fuzzy or ill-defined, such as a cave opening or a semi-enclosed porch, but there are areas that are clearly in a place we refer to as “inside” and others that are not. This is a case where the common understanding is as useful as or more useful than a formal definition.

Now, for you: what is high? Isn’t there always a place or state that is higher? How high up can we go before it starts to be down? Or was it always down, and we were just looking at it wrong? usw.

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@Jeruba Out in space, the further you get from the surface of the Earth, the higher up you are. Inside the Earth, to the center, is down.

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@Yellowdog, thanks for the help with up and down. I guess you didn’t read the topic tag?

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Hey, @Jeruba! What’s up?

Well YOU mentioned higher, how high can we go, and down.,I thought I answered the topic tag. INSIDE the earth is down, and OUTSIDE the atmosphere is UP

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That’s kinda like UP North, DOWN South, BACK East, and OUT West.

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@Yellowdog, I believe most of us learn that one before we can speak, but again, thanks for the coaching on verticality.

You still have not read @ragingloli‘s topic tag, though, have you?

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Inside is what one feels, outside is what one views physically.

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A circle has two sides: an inside and an outside.

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No, I don’t think you can ever be outside because where ever you are are there is something beyond that.

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Everything is relative.

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I’m not. Well, I am. To some people. Not to everyone.

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I suppose it could be subjective, with different circumstances.

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