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How often do you repaint rooms in your house?

Asked by janbb (53998points) 1 week ago

If you still like the color and they’re basically in good shape, how often do you feel they need repainting? Or do you wait until they look bad?

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I have painted my bedroom 3 times since I’ve lived here, since 2003. I like to change my decor every few years. The living room has been painted 3 times also. One of the bedrooms got painted immediately when I moved in. It was hot pink with ballerina wallpaper on one wall. The bathroom was totally remodeled in 2008 and has not been touched since. So I don’t usually paint out of necessity, but because I watch too much HGTV.
I also live alone, so my walls don’t get dinged by kids or husbands.

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Mine neither.

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When the ook (dust stain, fade, whatever) gets too bad. Which is right now all through my house. Well, 20 years is a bit too long to let it go, I have BIG PLANS this year.

In other words, I wait til they look bad.

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I rent, so I can’t paint my current room, but we had the bedrooms painted at my parents’ house once when I was in high school. They went from all being off-white to being very light shades of color. It was definitely an improvement.

My parents said that they probably won’t have anything painted again until they decide to sell the house. But that might not happen since my dad’s already retired and they’re mostly traveling now and not intending to move anywhere else.

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Inside I paint when it starts to look bad but sometimes you don’t realize how bad it is until you get a fresh coat of paint on the walls. I usually am painting to change a wall color in a new home. Repainting after living somewhere a long time I have only done once, and the house was 8 years old. I only painted the downstairs, I didn’t repaint upstairs where the house was barely used. We don’t have any pets or children, we don’t fry a lot of food, and nobody smokes in our house.

Outside, on that same house I had waited the same 8 years, but it was too long. I would say 5–6 years is more prudent since it had some wood siding. I have never repainted a CBS and stucco house of mine, but the longest I have lived in a CBS house was 4 years. I’d say depending on the color, I probably would say not longer than 10 years, probably 5–7 years is better. In between I will pressure wash the house though.

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Every 5 years or so. We’re in the process of repainting the kitchen and the living room again.

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We are in the process of repainting the living room because Rick tore it all up AGAIN to make room for a 52 inch flat screen! The result was there is now a recessed shelf on the other side, in the kitchen, where the microwave is now.

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It is astonishing how well a good interior paint job holds up once the kids are grown. We had our friend (an artist) paint our interiors some 20 years back. He lived in Marin at the time and needed money. So he moved in with us and the job took better than a month. It was a hectic, yet fun loaded time for all of us.
The results were (and remain) glorious.

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