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What is the greatest lesson you learned?

Asked by ltoban (106points) 1 week ago

Each one, teach one. Everyone has a life lesson that helped them become a better person. What was the lesson that taught you “something new” – “something you didn’t know?”

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In the 4th grade I suddenly could see the relationship of cause and effect.

I realized it was easier to work hard and do good the it was to be lazy and do bad.

Pretty sure that that realization saved my life.

I went from being a very bad student and always getting in a lot trouble (I lied, cheated and stole) to being a good kid and a good student. I’m not sure how I got such an insight. My 4th grade teacher (Mrs. Buttler), learning about Jesus, or a man who told me that I need to pull myself up by my bootstraps. Could all of the above or something else.

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That it doesn’t matter in the slightest what anyone else thinks of you or your life choices, if you’re living your best life.

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Don’t do unto others what you don’t want done unto you.

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You won’t change anybody’s mind on the internet.

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Living out of the closet is far easier than in.

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Make no assumption.

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@Caravan Not true. I have got a flu shot for the last couple years since you explained it logically. And I’ve repeated your brick in the wall analogy to convince others. :)

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One person’s idea of what is good, and just, and helpful, is another person’s idea if what is terrible, and unfair, and dangerous.

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There is absolutely nothing at all that can get better if I have alcohol.

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@knowitall I forgot about that! You made my day, thanks! :-)

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The only person you can trust is yourself.

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Shooting someone in the back is the safest way.

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When I was 23 I realized that I might never get married, and that I had better get used to the idea.

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Give free instead of not at all.

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There’s no free lunch. Someone has to pay for it.

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