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What are your ingredients? (See details)

Asked by AshLeigh (16325points) March 29th, 2012

What are you made of? What personality traits define who you are?
For example:
Part of me is made of anger. Part of me is pain. A lot of me is loss, and distance. But I’m also made of forgiveness, love, and crazy ideas. I’m made of purple pants, random slippers in public, and memories of something that’s far away from me now.
That’s some of what I’m made of.
What are you made of?

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Anger, regret, love, major confusion, compassion, sensitivity, deep thought, fear, the list is endless.

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Not really appreciative of smartass answers, right now. kaythanksbye.

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Love, compassion, silence and loud music, lazy bones, books, babies, pain, and hope.

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Neutrons. Protons. Electrons.

At a molecular level, I’m quite difficult to differentiate from the average human being.

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I guess right now: nostalgia, regret, sadness, but also a bit of happiness and nonchalance.

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@DeanV I love your smartass answer, but you needed more detail.

I think I’ve never been asked that before,actually. It’s a smartass question. If I were to delve into my ‘soul’, I’d say I’m made up of hidden love. I’m capable of loving a person so deeply, without them (or me, even) ever knowing that such intensity is possible.

I am, basically an intricate combination of: Paranoia, regret, painful passion, loneliness, anger, confusion, and there’s a curious part of me, desperate to explore the world’s wonders. All of them.
I want to have a part of me that knows everything.
But what I want most? I want a faithful person added to my ingredients; to be a part of me.

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Some ingredients of me is- Art, creativity, love, loneliness, solitude, wisdom, inner pain, sexuality, perseverance, music, movies…...

Water, blood, skin, bones, and melatonin…..............


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@Luiveton that was beautiful. :)

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Wry smiles, eastern philosophies and cigarettes.

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Piss, vinegar, sugar, compassion, pain, love, and complete love of puppies and babies.

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It changes constantly.

A serious answer for a serious question. After decades of relentlessly looking into the matter, I find nothing at all that sticks around long enough to be called “me”. At best, I’m a cup with no bottom held under the faucet. I can describe the design on the outside of the cup, but that’s just an empty shell through which the universe flows without even pausing. And I’m no different than you in that regard.

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Compassion, capability, chemistry, common sense, and creativity.
(Sounds like a C based life form to me.)

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Pain, self-consciousness and anxiety, but also fun, creativity, inquisitiveness and lots of determination.

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My ingredients change regularly but right now I’m made up of smiles, solitude, compassion, caution, love, adoration, appreciation, creativity, learning, Logic, happiness, generosity, small amounts of regrets (maybe a pinch) and a big sprinkle of dreams on top.

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We’re made of the same stuff, physically and emotionally. Just because you feel bad now doesn’t mean you were never made of happiness. You’ve been happy before.

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Love, bitchiness, intelligence, compassion, impatience, cigarettes, Taco Bell, and cats.

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Some days all I am is the walking dead.

Today I’m made up of boredom and frustration.

Tomorrow…who knows?

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Sugar, spice and everything nice, and frogs and snails and puppy dog tails.
Along with a huge amount of curiosity, little regret, no anger, and a sense of humor that bolsters me up whenever things become trying. I love @thorninmud‘s answer. ;-)

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Three people, deep sadness, black. Caustic humor, wide open outta give a shit. Love for the children in my life. Art supplies used in unusual ways. Need for alone time. Neeeed for it. And sometimes just looking at the floor for six hours trying not to kill somebody. Seriously.

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Today, I’m made of staying up too late, and getting up too early. I’m made of Mountain Dew to keep me awake now, just as it did last night. I’m made of sunshine, and starry nights.
I’m made of text messages and hugs from the people I love the most. I’m made of jean skirts, and an Avenged Sevenfold hat.
I’m made of a new memory every day. I’m made of music, and band practice. I’m made of so much more than I can say or write.

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@AshLeigh That’s beautiful. Good luck. :)

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Okay, I contain:
10% Anger
10% Potassium and Calcium
30% Love and Sexual feelings
30% Compassion and Creativity
25% Colors
5% The best fun you’ll ever have

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^And .5% Mathematical Errors

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