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How do you plug your ears?

Asked by raum (3959points) February 7th, 2019 from iPhone

When something is too loud or you don’t want to listen to something, how do you plug your ears?

Do you put your fingertips into your ear canal? Do you press your tragus to cover your ear canal? Do you cover your ears with your whole hand? Or something else entirely?

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I have ear plugs. OSHA APPROVED

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Fingertips in ear canal.

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I always bring ear plugs with me whenever I go to a movie, play, concert, stay in a hotel or go camping.

Also I use ear plugs when operating loud equipment.

I have very sensitive hearing possibly due to many ear infections as a young child.

I even sleep with ear plugs in my ears.

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I always wear earplugs at concerts.

When spending the night at a hotel with friends who snore, I listen to ambient sounds on my headphones.

When using tools that makr a lot of noise, I wear ear protection earphones.

If some kid is screaming and I don’t have access to any of those things, I use my thumbs to cover my ear canals.

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I put my left index finger tip in my left ear. But I plug my right ear by pressing my right ear to my right shoulder. It sounds weird, but I do that so my right hand is still free to do whatever. Like one time I did it that way to change a battery in a smoke alarm that was going off. So it has a practical purpose. :)

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I think @Demosthenes wins for most interesting methods!

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Fingertips not in but on the canal opening, so it lightly seals the canal from air. If it’s really loud, maybe palms on ears to seal the entire ears.

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I use my index finger to push in my tragus (I’m suprised to see other people don’t do this) for sudden noises, and for constant loud noise I usually have earplugs with me.

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My left side is paralyzed so I can’t shut off sound to both ears under normal circumstances, so I’ve developed what I call my “Mother’s ears”. I have developed the ability to simply ignore unpleasant/obnoxious noises the same way a Mother doesn’t hear her child talking to her until she know they are stressed or in danger. it took me many years to develop my ability & I don’t know how to explain how to get there; but, it works well for me!!!

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