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Why do some people have an extremely annoying chewing sound when they eat?

Asked by Nuggetmunch (311points) 1 week ago

Chewing sounds don’t irritate me. Except my sister’s. She eats with her mouth partially open and I can hear all the moisture while she chews and it isn’t exactly pleasant. She says she can’t help it. Has it got something to do with anatomy or salivary glands?

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They have no idea that chewing with their mouth open is rude. Nobody told them.

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Many people have deviated septums or other issues that require that much or all of their breathing is through the mouth. This will often result in breathing through the mouth occurring while chewing.

Is there anything you can do to work on your extreme distaste for some mild chewing sounds?

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The sloppy chewing sounds of people chewing with their mouth open are not noticed by those people chewing with their mouths open.

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@hmmmmmm yes. I eat in my room to avoid any quarrels. Her chewing sounds are far from mild but you’re right she has some deviation of her septum and is a partial mouth breather and it didn’t occur to me that could be the reason. Thank you!

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Because some people don’t eat politely, smack and openly chew their food. My dad does it, and I’m not fond of it myself. They don’t have to listen to themselves. So they just don’t notice.

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