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What is the benefit of bigamy?

Asked by elbanditoroso (25827points) February 12th, 2019

A news report just appeared that noted the arrest of a 4-wife bigamist. news article

What’s so appealing about having four wives? Is it the sex? The home cooking? An antidote to loneliness? Money?

Isn’t one wife enough?

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Good God, one woman yelling at me is more than enough.
Can’t imagine more than one.

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Some definite pluses and minuses appear in works such as The 19th Wife, depicting in detail the lives of wives and children past and present within Mormon-style plural marriages.

Some women welcomed the relief of sharing household and marital duties with sister-wives. But as a man accrued wives, some would be shunted aside or consigned to a lonely retirement as the new favorite took her place.

The men seemed to enjoy the benefits much more than the women, at least as shown in this and other books on the subject; but in a paternalistic society, that’s scarcely a surprise. However, the men did have to provide housing and sustenance to their swollen households, or several separate households, and that came more easily to some than to others.

To some, plural marriage is, or was, a religious duty, according to their beliefs. Men were expected to take a second (or other) wife whether they wanted to or not, in order to fulfill the precepts of their religion.

The case you cite may not have anything to do with religion; but you posed a general question about the benefits, and I don’t think many in our culture know more about that than the Mormons.

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What’s appealing to each person is different. The examples that I have some knowledge of (well, they tend to include multiple men too) are all unique and usually sound relatively complicated to me. If I had to point to one main answer, my sense would be that it has to do with liking having broad adult family relationships and multiple partners.

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When one wife is almost full term or just gave birth, another can help care for her and be there to satisfy the husband.

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There aren’t any benefits, all I can think of is these men who perpetrate the act of bigamy do so out of a deluded macho desire to own a harem which has no place in a decent society.

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Sounds exhausting in every possible way.

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More welfare checks per wife.

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Shared accommodation and buying in bulk with said welfare checks.

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The benefits are mostly for the women that consentually want to be one of the wives for the man. No woman is stupid, you’re there for the money so who cares if he has more than one ‘mistress’ so long as he can pay you for whatever you want. Let’s be honest, there are many poor women out there that will be more than happy to become a secondary wife so long as they can have better living condition or just daily meals. For the greedy men, however, that probably mean that they like variety.

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Other than sanctioned by a religion a bigamist is running away from the law and hiding under these women to do so on there dime or their families dime.
I knew of one who was found out to be a bigamist who traveled all across Canada from East to West taking on wives and having children and benefiting from what resources ( usually more than he had on his own) that these women or families were available to him for his profit. Once the women or the families tire of his constant unemployment ( to hide from the law), he simply moved onto the next Province, women, situation ,never paying a dime to his wives nor the children. Totally an irresponsible person incapable of empathy for his children and wives.

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Personally, I cannot imagine anything more harrowing than trying to cope with 2 women mastery of a household with me in the middle. I know one man who actually pulled it off for nearly 2 years with 2 rather spectacular women, til they figured out that he was little more than a nuisance and tossed him out like a drone bee in October. The girls are still together as far as I know.

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