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Best breakfast place you have ever experienced ? What did you eat?

Asked by Tropical_Willie (24093points) 4 days ago

Best place you had breakfast at ever. Please give details of what you ate.
Mine is JJ’s Eggs Benedict at The Bee and the Biscuit in Virginia Beach, VA. I remember it from September of 1971.

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Bright spot resteraunt in Jasper Alberta. Ordered the eggs and potato Hash browns. The hashbrowns are the best part of the meal. Real slices of potato with the eggs. You have to order before lunch, or you will get frozen generic hashbrowns.

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HOO boy, that’s tough one! I would say a truck stop just outside Boise, Idaho. Those people know how to treat and feed truckers, and if the food isn’t plentiful and good, they go out of business!
One time when I was a kid and visiting grandparents for the summer, my grandfather was going to take me and a brother on a whirlwind day trip for his mining business. We got up early, got dressed and hit the truck stop for breakfast. There Grand Dad told us: “Eat up, boys! We’ve got a busy day ahead of us and I don’t know when we’ll be stopping for supper.” So we did. And wasn’t hungry again until late afternoon when we stopped again to eat. And for someone who likes to eat as much as I do, that’s impressive!
I can’t remember what I had, but I’ll take a guess: 4 eggs, hash browns, ham, 2 slices whole wheat toast with butter and jelly, and a glass of milk.

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Always Denny’s. In the 70s. After the bars closed at 2 a.m. and we were absolutely famished after hours and hours of dancing and running around.
I always had French Toast, bacon and a giant glass of milk.

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Oh that’s after bar hours @Dutchess_lll , that for me would be the Olympia Diner on Berlin Turnpike Newington, CT.

Greek Omelette grilled English muffins (that is on the flat-top not in the toaster).

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Where ever they have raw pork breadrolls.
So yummy.

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Maybe the most memorable was the Sunday morning Maxwell Street market in Chicago in the 1980s. It was wide-open place, acres of vacant land, and people were selling everything from rusty screwdrivers and VHS tapes to computer terminals and truck engines. There were fork lifts moving pallets of produce and canned goods. It was like a pirate town in a movie.

There was a porch chop sandwich shack in the middle of the street. After a Saturday night all-nighter, we would show up for a 7am porch chop sandwich and then shop the market.

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@Tropical_Willie like I could so get my mouth around “Greek Omelette grilled English muffins (that is on the flat-top not in the toaster)” at 2:30 a.m.!

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I do not recall the name of the place but it was a B&B in Scotland in the late 90;s. We had an absolutely wonderful full English breakfast. Both kids scarfed it down, including the tomatoes. When they started licking their plates and looking for more the homeowner made them something she called Scottish Oatmeal. Is was “flavored” with scotch. We had some too. Delicious.

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Best in the last five years – Summer House Santa Monica, on North Halstedt in Chicago. Eggs Benedict done perfectly on English muffins that were toasted just right, extra bacon and toast with fresh jams.

Best after bar hours ever – Huevos Rancheros at Casa Blanca on Lower State Street in Santa Barbara. The cops went there for breakfast and a beer after shift, so you could get a Mexican beer after hours. The Heuvos Rancheros were to die for. The only song in English on the juke box was Freddie Fender, “If She Brings You Happiness…”.

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I find the question next to impossible to answer because I’ve had breakfasts in so very many places and there’s the mixup of the best all time breakfast, the best restaurant, and my favorite restaurants for breakfast. It’s a tough call, but I will be sitting in one of the 3 I have in mind in a couple of hours (to beat the crowds)

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I have to mention two places.

I love Lenny’s in Clearwater. NY style deli restaurant. They automatically bring every table a variety of cakes and pastries when you sit down. I eat some and take some home. I usually order a western white omelet with cheddar cheese (sometimes Swiss) and a side of bacon.

The other is the buffet breakfast at the Royal Pacific Hotel at Universal. I get a made to order white omelet, side of bacon, white toast, lox, and variety of fruit. Everything is always perfect. They make my omelet with very little oil, the salmon is top notch, and the fruit is always perfectly ripe. My husband actually orders off the menu there, steak and eggs. It’s the only place he orders that for breakfast.

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Eastern Market in DC. They have this really delicious Crab Benedict dish, flavorful grits and tasy fish breakfasts.

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