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Can you imagine a time when the Sunni Muslim world and the Shiite Muslim world sit down and reunite?

Asked by elbanditoroso (25167points) 1 month ago

I can’t – it seems like the two major Muslim sects are way too far apart, and have been since approximately 700 AD.

If they did, they would be a formidable force against the rest of the world.

Can you see it happening?

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I honestly think that sooner than later religion will no longer be a political force. I hope.

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Yes when they both have a common enemy.

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When one side has killed off the other, that’s when it will end.

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I can imagine it, but I don’t know them well enough for that to mean a whole lot.

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No chance.

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Well, the IRA finally stopped blowing people up, and the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s finally cooled off, so maybe there is a chance for feuds to end.

I’m thinking very little chance though.

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By definition they are the enemy !

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I can imagine it. Catholics and Protestants were at one time extremely hostile to each other. One thing that will help pave the way is the lifting of restrictions on women by both Shiite and Sunni countries.. There has been much publicity regarding Saudi Arabia granting greater equality for women. It will happen elsewhere.

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