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Is it clear what a flying car is from the images in the following page?

Asked by flo (11558points) 2 weeks ago

1)Is there any image of a flying car missing from the images in the following 2 or so pages? (Google images flying cars)
2)Why is it good to commute through the air rather than or in addition to, (if it is supposed to be in the future) driving on ground?

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Yeah. Why?

And, I don’t know. If you’ve seen the ‘Blade Runner’, and some other science fictions series and films, it just looks neat. But I doubt we’ll have much of those things until the relatively distant future… if then.

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@noitall Is there a con to flying cars?

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Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang is missing. Most famous flying car ever, even had its own song.

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Well..all those pics are just drones you can pick up at Radio Shack.
There are innumerable cons of actual flying cars. For example, how do you keep people in their lanes?

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The videos clearly show various flying vehicles.

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There was a flying car in the 1950s. Here is the 1954 Aerocar.
You can see others here. Some are real, some are fantasy.

The advantages are
No need for an extensive road system.
Traffic can move in 3 dimensions yielding a much higher density.
Speeds can be much higher.
Lanes can theoretically be much wider.

Disadvantages. Oh my!
Many deaths in even minor accidents
Fuel consumption
Poor handling.
Poor load capacity.
Operator errors.
Large size

Those are just a few that quickly come to mind.

That said, I’d bet there isn’t a person here who hasn’t wished they had the ability to fly above a stinking hot traffic jam.

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Flying drone type vehicles using electricity would reduce emission air pollution and tire particle air pollution, saving thousands of people.

Millions of dollars would be saved eliminating roads, bridges, and yes, snow plows.

No Fly zones would have to be marked, perhaps by towers.

Fewer licences should be issued, and more mass ground transport made available.

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How about if there is a collision they fall and injure /kill the ones on the ground too.

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@flo Yes, just as now, many innocent people get hurt and killed by collisions. ~Maybe the numbers saved from pollution would make up for it.~

Also designated flying zones should keep ground dwellers safer.

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I don’t see flying cars creating less pollution than regular cars.

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You are talking about a 3D activity for people who can’t even cope with the 2D activity.

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^^^ yep. They’d have to be computer controlled and we don’t quite have that down.

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They are available now.
Unfortunately, they are pricey. I think I have read $350,000.

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NOISE. Think helicopters.
Also, safety. If an automobile has engine trouble it can roll to the side of the road. If you lose power while flying, you’re dead. Airplanes are (by law) maintained to a very high standard and there are still occasional crashes due to mechanical failure. People do not maintain their cars to standards anything like those required for airplanes, either the maintenance standards will have to be mandated much higher than those for cars or we’ll see them falling from the sky with appalling frequency.

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My understanding is a pilot’s license is required. I imagine, though I have no proof, that certain mechanical restrictions also apply.

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@YARNLADY I see @dabbler‘s post and that’s what I was referring to, not just the ones in dwellings. I can see your point re. pollution, but are the numbers higher than vehicles related deaths.
@Patty_Melt I didn’t think of the pilot’s licence thing.

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@LuckyGuy “Speeds can be much higher” Doesn’t speed kill though?

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@flo Not if you don’t hit anything.

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@flo Absolutely. There’d be no such thing as a “minor fender-bender”. Things could get ugly quickly.
A recent minor fender bender involving 2 helicopters.

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^^^ @LuckyGuy That’s not a flying incident, it’s a bad parking job!

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Agreed. When 2 cars tap each other in a parking lot there is only minor damage. When 2 helicopters do it – watch out!

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Exactly plus @LuckyGuy If that was in the air they would be on a building with tons of people, or a street with cars chain reaction….trucks full of flammables, @zenvelo regardless of the label, bad idea. .

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…From last post please read ” If that was in the air they would have ended up on a building with tons of people…”

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