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Is it good to shuffle the cabinet every time someone quits his/her position?

Asked by flo (11550points) 2 weeks ago

Why does shuffling need to wait till someone happens to quit, instead of when it’s necessary?

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Is the slash key not supposed to work in the tag box?

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It is rare in the US for a President to fire Cabinet Secretaries unless one has committed a gross misjudgment or committed a crime.

Shuffling is disruptive to the operation of the various departments, so stability is valued.

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Past practice has seen pretty much every president for the past 30 years or more has had a number of high level officials quit or be fired. It happens. If you look back to Obama he got rid of a few…Holder, Napolitano, Geitner, Sebelius for examples. I don’t know how Trump stacks up to past presidents, but I suspect it is higher than most. I can see reasons for some of the changes. He had many leftovers from the Obama era that were actively working against him so they had to go. Others may have had internal struggles with the administration.
I will say that moving department heads around is a pretty standard practice in the business world. Every company I have worked for has replaced or cycled top echelon positions fairly frequently…a big shake up every couple years at least. Maybe Trump is applying business strategies to how he runs his administration.

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@seawulf575 I just don’t get it why a person gets to know their Minitry so well and one random day like when someone decides to quit politics (according to Wikepedia above link) it’s Parliament related) they’re on another Ministry which they know little about.

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It’s the government they are a ministry of that causes them to quit, not their fellow co-ministers.

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@seawulf575 you’re referring to getting rid of firing and replacing them with people who are more experienced or more talented in said area. This shuffling thing seems different, to me.

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@flo In some cases I have seen firing and replacing. In other situations I have seen shuffling. Especially in business. And it never made sense to me. There only seem to be a few reasons for it that I can see. First would be to keep the job “fresh” so no one feels like they are getting cubby-holed. Another would be if you had marginal people in a position but you don’t want to fire them. So you move them to somewhere they may be more effective or do less damage.

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@seawulf575 Interesting. I went to 2 dictionaries before posting the OP, and no mention of it.

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