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Help with an Excel question, I want to center the page on screen?

Asked by JLeslie (63824points) March 7th, 2019 from iPhone

I want the page to look like a word document on screen. Or, in other words just as it will look when I print.

I have already centered the information on page and I hid the grid lines and ruler. It looks perfect.

I tried putting it in page layout view, but the page is on the left corner with blank pages where I can “add data” to the right and below. I want to get rid of those extra pages, and just have my single page with the information on it centered on the computer.

Once I set it up correctly, will it open like that for people I send it to?

Bonus question: how do I lock the formulas, but allow others to add data to the rest of the sheet. I’d prefer not to have a password on the lock.


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Well, first, in the view tab, uncheck all of the grid lines, formula bars, ruler and headings. Is that more like what you’re looking for?

Protecting is kind of clunky. First highlight the cells you want to remain open for editing. Then right click to “format cells.” Then go to the “protection tab.” Uncheck the box that says “locked.” Then you have to go protect the entire worksheet (or book.) Only the cells that you highlighted and removed the check mark from can be edited.

If you don’t want a password just don’t put one in.

It should open up like that for people you send it to. You can practice on me if you want.

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Oh crap. I’m sorry. I didn’t read your details carefully enough. You already hid every thing.

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Argh. I’ve done it in the past. It looked like one page, like Word. I just can’t remember how!

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It differs a little between Excel versions, but assuming it’s Windows and fairly recent…

Delete columns to the left and above your data. Don’t try to center it with empty cells. The steps below will center it

Set or clear a print area on a worksheet
Instead of wondering exactly which rows and columns will print

Fit to one page
In this case your are going to tell it 1 page wide and 1 page tall.

Set page margins The dialog box includes checkboxes for Center on page Horizontally and Vertically

That should do it if I got all the steps right. Page Layout view will show your page as it would be on paper.

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But she is wanting it to show on her computer screen so that it looks like a Word document. I know how to do it, but it’s been a while…and I just got sidetracked by grandkids.

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After the other steps I laid out, Page Layout view will make it look like a printed page.

Assuming you want to work on it. To see exactly what will print, use Print Preview.

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I think what she is looking for is this, but what she’s getting is this, with prompts to “add data.” If we scroll in we get this.

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“what she’s getting is this”

I think you skipped “Set or clear a print area on a worksheet”. And/or ” tell it 1 page wide and 1 page tall.”

Or, if you want it to print on 2 pages, it is good.

“Click to add data” is always going to be there in a working Excel window. If you need exactly like on paper, then there’s Print Preview or save as PDF.

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I guess this is about as close as I’ve gotten. I created this for Judi, to help with her property management business. As you fill out the master, the information autofills to the other tab.
That picture is scrolled far out. When I’m working with it, it’s scrolled closer in and fills up more of the screen, but it never looks like a Word Doc.

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