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Do you want to take a fun psychology quiz?

Asked by JLeslie (65473points) March 10th, 2019 from iPhone

You know, one of those psychological quizzes that unlocks your subconscious.

Answer the questions below. You can write your answers here on the Q, or keep them to yourself. I’ll post what they mean in a day or two.

1. Think of a body of water and name three adjectives (descriptive words) to describe it. Don’t use a color as an adjective in your answer.

2. Think of a color and name three adjectives to describe it.

3. Think of an animal and name three adjectives to describe it.

4. Think of being in a white room, white walls, white ceiling, and white floor, with no windows and no door, how do you feel?

Reminder: Don’t use colors as descriptive words in any of your answers.

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1. Small, cylindrical, tapered.
2. desaturated, dark, heat-absorbent
3. cat-like, dog-like, slutty
4. anxious

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“Well, water’s October.”

House, MD.

1. deep, clear, cold
2. rich, dark, soft
3. calm, fast, loving
4. nervous (and blinded)

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I’ve done this before. It IS a fun quiz.

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Should be three adjectives for how you feel in the white room also. I failed to write it on the original post.

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then you can add threatened and suspicious.

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Calm, angry, smooth
Soothing, mellow, happy
Frisky, energetic, smart
Confined, anxious, mad

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1. Stormy, cold, restless
2. Calm, ethereal, soothing
3. Loyal, curious, affectionate
4. Trapped, desperate, hopeless

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Lake Okeechobee. Large, tropical, central.

Orange. Warm, fruity, sunny.

Bear. Large, fuzzy, maternal.

Claustrophobic, trapped, fearful.

All of this being said, with regards to the body of water, I wanted to add something having to do with Florida, and being a native American name, but I could not think of single word descriptions that meant either of those things.

With regards to the color, the first thing that popped into my head was marmalade, but that is not descriptive either.

For the animal, the two things I thought of first were forest dweller and berry eater. But those things didn’t fit with the instructions.

For the last item, the white room, it was not the color of the room that distressed me. It was the lack of windows and doors.

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I suspect that I messed up this quiz by naming the things, in addition to thinking about them.

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@Kardamom You didn’t mess it up at all. It’s fine to name the animal, color, etc. Everyone interprets the same colors and animals differently. Your bear is large, fuzzy, and maternal, someone else’s bear might be scary, strong, and resourceful. The same goes for colors. One person’s red might be hot and sexy, and another’s might be fun and vibrant.

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No, you didn’t mess it up @Kardamom.

My husband took this yesterday, then @JLeslie PMd me the key. Although I know the key, I’ll try to answer the questions the way I would if I didn’t know…I’m going to remember what first came to my mind as I asked Rick the questions.

1. Calm, peaceful, sunset (ocean)
2. Vibrant, unique, stands out (purple)
3. Slinky, furry, growly (cat)
4) Freaked out, floating, bored (and blinded)

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@Dutchess_III By Key do you mean don’t give the answers? I’m waiting until later tonight. I’ll give a warning in bold capital letters so people can avoid reading it if they want to.

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Well, the answers are what we wrote. The key is what the answers are supposed to mean.

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Vast, stormy, deep
nature, vibrant, earthy
cute, furry, stand offish
Bored, anxious, anticipatory

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Deep Cold Rough
Bright Vibrant Fun
Athletic Handsome Cute

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1. Deep, immense, mysterious
2. Cheerful, intense, attractive
3. Silent, beautiful, wise
4. Pure

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So where is your psychoanalysis, Sigmund?

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I sent you a PM, Raggy.

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I’ll add “scared” and “lonely”.

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Water is how you feel about sex.

Color is how you see yourself.

Animal is how you think others see you.

The white room is how you feel about death.

It’s very imperfect of course. It can be influenced by so many things.

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I remember doing this quiz in middle school! It was so much more scandalous then because people were still in that giggle-whenever-anyone-mentions-sex age. Haha

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@raum Some of the answers are great. I especially like the animal answers.

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So, what does a glass of water have to do with sex?

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@ragingloli Your water answer sounds the most Freudian of all lol. Although, I think the quiz was originated by Jung.

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1. Water: Calm, rough, sea
2. Blue: Bright, shiny, soft
3. Monkey: active, hungry, small
4: white room: uncomfortable, confused, blinded

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This is a nutty quiz.

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Kinda makes sense except how I feel about sex. Lol

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1. Calm, fresh, vast.
2. Natural, soft, edible.
3. Peace, soft, fun.
4. Alone.

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@mazingerz88 Do you think if I had asked “think of your favorite body of water” that your answers would have been more on target? Sometimes I think it should be worded that way.

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Although it’s clear these tests are a complete croc of shite, my answers, although unappreciated (giggles) are entirely accurate, particularly the bit about being cute.

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1. Lake Tahoe – vast, deep, cold
2. Green – vibrant, youthful, pleasant
3. Cat – independent, adorable, aloof
4. Troubled and confused

I see I thought of a specific body of water and not just any body of water. I’m not sure I like “cold” being how I feel about sex, but it is telling. My description of green certainly makes me seem like a narcissist. The description of the cat being how others see me is spot on, though. I’m well aware that I have much in common with cats (and others seem to think so too)!

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I don’t see you as a narcissist, @Demosthenes.

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I’m not sure that any of my answers relate to anything other than the actual things I was describing.

Lake Okeechobee popped into my head, because the name is kind of funny sounding. If I were to pick my favorite body of water, I probably would have chosen Lake Tahoe and described it as large, woodland, and, beautiful. I don’t think of sex as any of those things.

How does central, or tropical relate to sex?

I don’t see myself as sunny, or fruity. Warm maybe, but most nice people are warm. Most people are warm, unless they are jerks, or have some sort of medical/psychological issues.

No one would ever describe me as large, fuzzy, or maternal. I’m short and thin-ish, I shave my legs and pits, and I am uncomfortable around children.

Death? I don’t believe in god, or an after-life. It’s not something that concerns me, other than trying to not end up dead. It was the lack of windows and doors that gave me the freaks.

I actually like the idea of a white kitchen, with white cabinets, and white stone counters.

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My answers:

Vast, stormy, deep (Wow, this sounds like intense sex)
nature, vibrant, earthy (I’m not sure this is how I see myself)
cute, furry, stand offish (aside from the furry, this makes some sense)
Bored, anxious, anticipatory (this seems the most correct)

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@JLeslie Not sure if would change anything. I would still think of the ocean most likely as my favorite body of water and describe it the same.

Interesting thing though. My first thought was that of a sparkling stream.

Maybe it should be describe the body of water that first came to mind?

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