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If asking "Is it wrong to .... "(fill in the blank), why would the question specify male or female, etc.?

Asked by flo (11613points) 1 week ago

Why would it be specific to male or female, or this profession or that vocation, this or that ethnicity etc.? For example “Is it wrong if a woman does x?” Does that not mean that one group of people (eg. women) expected to be less than men, and therefore anti women?

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Not specifically, no.

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Why can’t a question be specific to men or women? For example what point would there be to addressing men on issues of pregnancy or checking women for prostate cancer?

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Also, I’d be less inclined to allow an adult male to chaperone a girls slumber party, than I would to have a female chaperone supervise a boy’s sleepover.

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“Is it wrong for a woman to breastfeed in public” would be an example of a gender specific question.

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^^^ Is that what she’s asking? I can do that.
“Have you ever had erectile dysfunction” would be a gender specific question.

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Wait….are you asking if there are somethings that society feels are wrong for a woman to do, but perfectly OK for a man to do?

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It’s another question, where the meaning is anybody’s guess. @flo’s mastery of the field is unrivaled.

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^^I’m thinking back on recent questions we’ve been discussing. This may be a takeoff on my question about whoring for flooring.

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Thanks all esp. @Dutchess_III!!!

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When I say all, I mean inspite of the fact that mostly, nowhere in sight of what was in the OP.

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@kritiper right on the money.

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…Re. my first response since the OP, it’s about @Dutchess_III last 2 posts and the ”^^^” part of her 1st post. She saw that most of you were seeing what’s not there.

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I was no where in sight either.

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If one needs to one needs to I guess.

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