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Why are blocked numbers still able to leave a voicemail?

Asked by AshlynM (10684points) March 13th, 2019

I thought the whole point of blocking someone was to prevent no contact in the future. Blocked numbers should never be able to call you.
I hear some carriers could have a number blocking feature but that costs extra, and it’s not cheap.
I called my carrier a long time ago regarding blocking numbers and they weren’t very helpful. I could either change my number or disable voicemail completely.

I’ve been looking for an android call blocking app that will allow the phone to disconnect the second a blocked number calls. So far, doesn’t seem to be many apps that do this.

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I’m with a Sprint company & I pay $2.99/mon to be warned when a call is SPAM. I also have a setting that I can tick so my phone doesn’t even ring & it doesn’t go to VM. After that, I just don’t answer any calls that aren’t on my contact list. I think there’s a setting where I can block ALL calls that aen’t in my contacts, but I prefer to have control over who I ignore & when!!!

You might want to read this article for other ideas. They rank Sprint as the weakest with the VM issue; but, I find it well worth my $2.99/mon to not have to deal with spammers!!! This also recommends a few apps that can do the same thing for free, but since NOTHING is free anymore, it explains what you’ll be giving up with the free!!! Personally, I’d rather pay $3–5/mon to NOT have to deal with unwanted calls. I now have my home phone transferred to my cell so those calls are also covered under my SPAM free plan!!!

Good luck on fixing your problem!!!

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