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How do I call Australia from the U.S.?

Asked by occ (4080points) March 1st, 2007
I found out the country code is 61. I tried dialing 011 (to get out of the US) and then 61, and then the city code and then the number. The call won't go through. I'm sure the number is right. What am I doing wrong?
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It may be that one of the prefix numbers isn't necessary when you're calling from abroad and dialing it messes up the whole number. (Like how in Israel, if a cell phone number starts with 052, and you're calling from the U.S., it won't go through unless you drop the 0). Sure couldn't tell you which one, though.
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011 61 2 (for sydney)

Your may be making the mistake by calling a mobile, you have to drop the "0" 0412 3456789, it would be 614 123456789

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