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Is 'tang' a negative word?

Asked by dopeguru (1571points) 1 week ago

Google has different claims, so I wanted your opinion.

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Yes. To quote the great Buzz Aldrin: “Tang sucks”.

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There’s a NSFW meaning of that word that’s right up there on the class meter with “cooch.”

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Well, the word has multiple meanings. When I use the word, I’m most often describing a pleasant type of flavor, viz. “a refreshingly sharp aroma or flavor” (definition #2 on Wiktionary). I might describe something as having a tang to it and I mean that in a good way. But it can also mean “a strong or offensive taste; especially, a taste of something extraneous to the thing itself” (definition #3).

So like many words, it’s ambiguous. It can be negative or positive.

As for ‘tang, with an apostrophe, well that’s an entirely different matter altogether.

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What is so negative about the part of a sword blade that extends into the hilt?

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@dopeguru Short for poontang.

As in: “I’m going to score me some ‘tang tonight!”

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@ragingloli That’s what I thought . it is where the sword maker leaves his mark.

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It is also a species of tropical fish found on coral reefs, the Yellow Tang

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I have never heard of the word outside of the drink Tang.

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AFIAK, the “negative” ‘tang is only half of the weird annoying slang word “poontang” or “pootytang”, so marking “tang” as that seems like a mistake or an over-zealous filter.

There are several normal definitions of tang in correct English .

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Do they still make that stuff? I think the nastier implication is realized with the placement of “poon” in front of it.

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Any word that has ever been created can have a negative connotation when used in a negative manner. It pretty much depends on the delivery of the word or the intent at the time it was said!!!

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Very positive connotations.

Tang and cool whip were invented by the same guy.

I know of at least one restaurant review that contains a reference substantially to the effect that the fish was moist and sapid with an almost wildly tantalising tang.

Who doesn’t enjoy fine dining?

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In the phrase “Ting-Tang Walla-walla Bing Bang”

Ting is positive and Tang is negative

(From the song “The Witch Doctor” by David Seville (1958)

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^^^^Ooo-eee,ooo ah ah!

Isn’t the second Walla capitalized?

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Oops! Don’t know how it happened.

Positive and negative like Yin / Yang

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