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If I buy a de-humidifier, will it keep my studio cooler?

Asked by manahouri (93points) July 28th, 2007

I don't have an a/c. I will never have an a/c. Can a de-humidifier bring the comfort level back on a mild but very humid night?

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De-humidifier only removes water from air. Get a fan w. three speeds (Walmarts, $ store, etc) and let the moving air play over your body. I keep mine about 1 foot from bed..Use water from de-hum. for plants. Fans are cheap and last forever.

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it will likely make the room warmer.
like a a/c, warm air will be blown out of the rear of the unit. They do have window mounted a/c 's that have a dehumidify setting, whereas it will not blow cold air, but just dehumidify .

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Wait, you don't have A/C in your studio, you're putting in a humidifier and your fridge stinks like rotten meat. Can I come over? That doesn't sound like fun.

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an air conditioner will cool off and de-humidify your dwelling.

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pattyb is correct.

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rovdog, come on over. smell's almost gone, BTW, vinegar worked. I'll stick with my fans, pattyb, thanks for the info.

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Dude, I'm there. I'm bringing the cold ones in an igloo, a little poultry for some hot wings (not too rotten yet) and one of those portable electric fans you buy on the boardwalk. What's on the tube? Or is it broken?

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TV gets your basic four channels with a bit of rabbit-ear adjustment. Don't worry, enough fans for two. Sure, bring the poultry--why not try again :D?

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You have rabbit ears? I was bringing tinfoil and a wire coathanger. I'm down with four channels. Let's watch like fuzzy Scholastic Scrimmage on public access. God, I wish I'd been one of those kids.

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