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How do the March madness universities handle logistics with two-days notice?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30571points) March 18th, 2019

Last night was the drawing for the game brackets for this year’s NCAA tournament. The first games in the first round are Tuesday March 19 and Wednesday March 20.

Assuming this was all above-board, none of the schools had any idea where they would be bracketed and to where they would be traveling.

How do 64 teams make 64 sets of hotel reservations (for 30+ rooms each) in such a short time?

How do 64 teams book dozens of flights with two day’s notice?

What are the logistics of planning with this short notice?

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The NCAA knows where the games are being played well in advance, and books blocks of rooms for each team. When a team is selected, they get told where to stay.

They don’t book “dozens of flights”, each team books one flight. The airlines are set to accommodate the teams, because they get to be “an NCAA airline”.

Most of the logistics are worked out months in advance. Teams that are “close” or on the bubble will have things ready to go as soon as they are selected.

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