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Best shampoo?

Asked by glitterrrrfish (222points) August 24th, 2008 from iPhone

what shampoo do you guys use? Why do you use it? What good does it do to your hair? Any favorite hair care products?

I’m into fructis right now, its inexpensive and makes by hair shiny and soft.

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I love pantene. We shades take pride in our long and luscious hair, me and wrestle both have long hair.

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that swauve green apple stuff because it’s $1 for a pretty big bottle and girls like the way it smells.

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Amen to the hair.

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i use alberto balsam tea tree tingle smells great and makes your hair soft and shiny!

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I agree w/ Suave. I don’t notice any significant difference using “salon only” products vs. plain ol’ Suave.

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I used Garnier Fructis for about 2 years and have very recently switched to Sunsilk Hydra TLC. I like both, but from what I have seen so far, the Sunsilk is better (in terms of smell and shine)

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Anything sulfate-free (no sodium lauryl/laurate sulfate); J/A/S/O/N tea tree shampoo and Dr. Bronner’s almond and tea tree soaps-all certified organic.

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I have switched from Nexxus to Sunsilk Therma Shine.( purple bottle) I love it!! I have straight thick hair. It makes it very soft and shiny. Smells great too. Creamy shampoos and conditioners always work best for moisturizing. Suave Professionals humectant shampoo and conditioner is great also. It gives you this light weight , free flowing feeling. Soft and natural.

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I love Aussie Moist. It smells great and makes my hair so silky.

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@babirutle why is it called THERMA shine? Does it work better with heat or something?

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yeah its good if you like to blow dry your hair or use hot styling tools. I very rarely blow dry though, I often use a straight iron, for that super straight look. It adds shine.

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clippers, soap and sunscreen

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I add olive oil in my shampoo

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