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Will you share some little known tricks you use on the computer?

Asked by JLeslie (58941points) March 23rd, 2019 from iPhone

PowerPoint, Excel, Chrome, keyboard short cuts, any and all.

My trick is: you can switch between two open programs by using alt tab with your left hand, so you don’t need to use the mouse. I use this constantly, because I need to look at data on one screen and use it, or check it, in another, and I want full screen for both. For instance I might be switching between an email and an excel spreadsheet. Or, a pdf and a form I’m filling in Chrome. I use my thumb for the alt, and forefinger for the tab.

What’s your tip?

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- If you are working on two documents on Word simutaneously, go to View -> View Side by Side. The two documents will be arranged at two sides of your screen and you don’t have to switch to one at a time.
– Tired of closing so many programs just to get to the desktop? Go to the taskbar and right click -> Show the desktop. Your desktop is here.
– This is the follow-up of #1. So say you are working on a Word document and a PDF file. Right-click on taskbar -> Show Windows side by side. Now you can achieve the same effect of #1.

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You can write a batch script to release and reconnect network drives at startup, if your network drives are inaccessible (“Local device name is already in use” error) after a reboot.

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I don’t keep any guns, hammers, crow bars, baseball bats, short sections of heavy pipe, etc., in the general vicinity of my computer.

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I use my mouse mainly to set my cursor. Virtually everything else I use hot keys. Printing, copy and paste, etc. My ex boss used to just hate that. I’d be working so fast, and stuff would be happening on the monitor so quickly she couldn’t follow me. (I didn’t know she WANTED to follow me.) For example, she asked me to print something. I barely moved my fingers on the key board, and she got angry because she thought I was ignoring her. Astonished I looked at her and said, “It’s printing….” Anyway, I actually got in trouble for “working too fast.” SMH.

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Also, a lot of people don’t know the magic of Word when it comes to manipulating images. It’s far and away much more versatile, and much more user friendly, than Paint. I can make a meme in about 10 seconds with Word.

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Apparently entering formulas into Excel to tell it to add or subtract is a “little known trick.” At least among the people I keep getting thrown in with!

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Short Cuts for Windows:——
1.Ctrl + w =close one tab
2.Ctrl + t = opens New tab
3.Ctrl + a =selects all text in the window
4.Ctrl + n =opens New window
5.Ctrl + c =Copy
6.Ctrl + v =paste
7.Ctrl + p =print
8.Ctrl + s =Save
9.Ctrl + z =undo
10.Ctrl + y =redo
11.Ctrl + f =fiund
12.Ctrl + alt +esc= task manger
13.Ctrl + Shift + t = opens closed tab
14.ctrl +tab = moving of tabs forward in browser
15.ctrl+shift+tab= moving of tabs in backward in browser
16.alt+tab = shifting of windows
17.start +d =minimize all windows and shows desktop
18.start + l=lock the screen
19.start+tab=shows all tabs
20.ctrl+up arrow= goes starting of the page
21.ctrl+down arrow =goes to end of the oage
22.fn + f4 =sleep
23.fn+f5=refresh the page
24.start+r =opens run window
25.start+m=minimize the window
26.Ctrl+enter=it adds www. and .com to text and opens the site in browser

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Ctrl / alt / escape for task manager is a good one if you wind up on a virusy site where you don’t want to click ANYTHING! Just go to the task manager and shut it down from there.

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I’m creating a Power Point presentation for Habitat. It’s been years and I’ve forgotten some of the tricks I taught myself. But it’s coming back.
For example, I wanted to create a banner that was the same color as their logo
I copied and pasted the logo from the internet into Paint, thought for a second, then chose my color picker (the eye drop) and clicked on that color blue.
Then I went over to my “Edit Colors” option and there it will show you the RGB or Hue, Saturation & Luminescence of that color.Then when you’re making your banners in PP just set your fill color to those parameters.

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