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What are different religions and/or philosophical theories into becoming a god?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16197points) March 23rd, 2019

From Buddhism, to Jedi, to psychological transcendence? What are some cool, fictional and non-fictional, ways to become a (g)od “small g”? Or to the highest level in society for non-believers. How does a society psychologically measure transcendence? Or global assessment of functioning?

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Pretty sure you simply have to be insane enough to believe you’re a god, and then your certainty and insanity and passion will get you some followers like Charles Mansion or Jim Jones or what’s his face at Waco, Texas.
And then people die in your name and you are officially a god.

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I’m really wondering where you get your ideas about Buddhism from.

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In the holy texts of Dragonball religion, God offered Goku to become the new God, just for being a strong fighter.
Later, in the Book of Super, we see that Toppo, a mortal, was training under the current God of Destruction to become his successor.

So, to become a God, you must train yourself in martial arts to become strong enough to lift mountains, move faster than the eye can see, to fly, and to shoot energy beams out of your hands.

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I am. Therefore I am.

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Ceremony with candles, full moon or blood moon, drink a potion, shed some blood, be almost nude, (possibly a sexual act), then just wait for the ‘magic’. Based purely on movies, documentaries and history.

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According to the Bible, you need to be able to create universes, be all powerful, all knowing and morally perfect. According to the New Testament, you also need to be able to split yourself into three different parts and at the same time be a single entity.

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^^^ And be utterly unreasonable.

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