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Should I drink my last can of Coke Life (which was discontinued in January) or save it for all time?

Asked by Yellowdog (6940points) 3 weeks ago

A few years back, Coca-Cola started making a 30% cane sugar and the rest stevia rendition of Coke, sold in green and red cans and bottles.

It had no corn syrup, all natural, fairly healthy—None of the sweeteners were artificial. It tasted better than diet drinks— I could drink it even as a diabetic without spiking my sugar levels the way sugary beverages do,

About a month ago, it was getting rather hard to find, and I discovered that it had been discontinued in December or January.
Most stores sold off their remaining stock slowly.

I saved three cans of it, then two, and I am down to one.

Should I save the last one, unopened, for future novelty and memories—or should I just go on and drink it? I’ve got cravings for the stuff but cannot replicate it by modifying other Coke beverages.

I am saving about ten empty cans already. But should I save one unopened?

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It’s now at least three months old. If it hasn’t gone flat yet, it will soon.

I would say – drink it. And bury the can with appropriate solemnity/.

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Wrap it plastic wrap and save it
It will be collector item some day

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Yes, save it. In 40 years someone might buy it off an online auction site like they do with Billy Beer.

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Save it.

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Don’t drink it, save it.

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In all seriousness, I’d just drink it. No real point in holding on to it.

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It will never have a collector value.
If you want to save the can for your own enjoyment, there is no damage in saving an empty can.

Drink up

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