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Where does it say that vegan is “healthy”?

Asked by josie (29098points) 3 weeks ago

This question
got me thinking.
I thought people follow vegan diets because they object to making commodities out of animals.
Where is the science that proves that it is “healthy”

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I tried going vegan in University for a month in 1999. I went down to 129lbs and almost died. I won’t try that again.

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It’s your typical 21st century fad, done for affect.
We’re meat eaters, imagine a predator in the natural world deciding, out of the fucking blue, to ignore its prey & instead, bow down & graze along together.
Yeah…sounds bloody daft huh?

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I don’t have any idea.

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This site cites a 30 year study.

Also, Dr. Ornish has done some very significant studies in near vegan diets. He does allow some egg whites and no fat dairy, basically removing what is considered “bad” about those two products, bring animal fats and cholesterol.

His work included learning how to meditate and some other things. I didn’t read the link completely, but I remember his work showed some actual reversal in clogging arteries, and other positive results. Here’s the site

Dr. Fuhrman primotes a vegan diet, but he mentions in his book that some cheating might be ok, but he really doesn’t know when it becomes too much. He references tons of studies in his book, and I don’t mean just studies he’s done on a small scale, but research from many different sources. He has seen first hand his patients’ health dramatically change including getting off of medicine for diabetes and blood pressure, I don’t remember what else. He kind of pushes foods with high vitamins and minerals and veggies rich in protein. He thinks animal protein is bad for us, not just simply animal fats. You could dismiss him as someone just trying to sell stuff, but I think his work is interesting. He basically has compiled a lot of data.

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There isn’t research that shows veganism is healthy. Mostly anecdotal stuff (like @JLeslie wrote) but nothing scientific.

Some parents of a newborn were arrested for child neglect, for putting their baby on a vegan diet.

It’s a feel-holier-than-thou fad. Nothing more.

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It can be, but it depends upon what vegan foods one eats.

Any diet that is full of highly processed food, and refined sugar, and too much fat is never a good idea, no matter what kind of diet one persues. Whether vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore.

A vegan diet can be very healthy as long as the person is very mindful and committed to getting enough of all the right nutrients, and avoiding things like excess sugar, too much fat, and unnecessary additives.

I would say that a vegetarian diet is much easier to deal with than a vegan diet. Dairy and eggs, which vegetarians usually eat, have some of the nutrients that are more difficult to obtain in a strictly vegan diet, although it is possible.

Here is some info about healthy vegetarian diets here:

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“Where is the science that proves that it is “healthy”

In science papers. You can find them by searching Google Scholar.

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@Kardamom The thing about lacto ovo is unless you eat low fat dairy and no yolks, the amount of fat and cholesterol is the same or can be even higher than meat containing diets. If the person is a vegetarian for humane reasons then I get it, but I have friends who go vegetarian for health, they don’t seem to understand, or look up how much fat and cholesterol is in the foods they continue to eat, and then can’t understand why they are still the same weight, or still have high cholesterol. When I go dairy free I lose 7–10 pounds in a few weeks without changing anything else. I should do it again. The only cheat, it I cheat, is a ½ cup skim milk in cereal twice a week if I cheat.

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Yet the recommended intake of red meat is pretty small.

Since humans aren’t as physically active as we once were (hunting for food, fending off predators, fighting for survival) we’ve evolved as humans to not eat as much meat.

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Can’t be a 21st century fad when people have been vegan before the 21st century.

Mostly my response is what @Kardamom said.

One thing I despise about the vegan movement is all the pseudoscience. I’m vegan for the animals, I don’t need science to give me a “legitimate” reason to be a vegan.

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Two brief & succinct points…

1) Never use upper case for my username when the exact opposite is true, there’s a good chap.

2) Good point well made, however, i’d argue the “fad” element was not present back in the day.

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The “fad” element was very present on the west coast of the US in the 70s. Without all the modern literature and easily available products for vegans, it was a challenge, especially since it was widely vilified and considered crackpot by so many.

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@rockfan It’s only been in the last 40 years that so many of us have become so insanely sedentary. We certainly did not “evolve” anything during that time, so it’s not a question of evolution. It’s a question of common sense, and supply and demand.

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@tineyfaery I have always been a vegetarian for the animal welfare aspect. The health benefit was just that. An added benefit : )

We don’t need to kill animals to survive, or to maintain our own good health.

For most people, they like their traditions, they like the taste of meat, and it’s much easier to simply be an omnivore, than to become vegan or vegetarian.

Most people, at least in the US, will never equate cows and pigs, with dogs and cats, unless it affects them personally, like I do (and probably you do too).

I am here as a sounding board, and a person who feels, and sees, and experiences things differently than most people, but I can’t force anyone to do things differently, or to see things differently, or to experience things differently. I can only explain things from my own point of view.

I think animals deserve to be treated much better than they are, whether they are dogs, or pigs, or lizards, or fish, or spiders. Most people do not see things like that.

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@Kardamom our modern sedentary life doesn’t require much, if any, protein to be healthy. Hell, we hardly get out of bed any more.

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Unless you grow, tend, and harvest all your own food yourself, by hand, please don’t be so naïve as to think “we don’t need to kill animals” to eat. Countless animals are slaughtered every time a food crop is harvested.
Eat however you like, for whatever reason you like, but please don’t claim that you are not responsible, at least in part, for the death of countless (mammalian and avian, as well as bugs) animals.

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