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What are group homes like?

Asked by Yellowdog (6940points) 3 weeks ago

When I was volunteering to drive a church van, I picked up several people who lived in group homes. I have also known a few disabled people who live independently in their own apartments, and shun the idea of living in a group home.

So, what are they all about? Are they fairly supportive or are they just barely tolerable places to live? How are they certified? What is the overall atmosphere or gestalt or ambience like?

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The only advantage is cheap rent, and bulk food. Cons is a lack of dignity. Locks on the fridge and freezer. Not being treated like an adult. Being encouraged to be more screwed up to get more money for the organization. Like a prison with a warden. Curfews and rules. Smokers ruining your meal.

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That might depend on what their orientation is; for example, an alcoholic-addict population (sober living environment), a mental health population, children with disabilities, etc. And I’m sure there are differences among providers. So there could be many answers to the question, in the same way that there’s no one answer to what schools are like or what hospitals are like.

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You are right— I guess I should tailor the question to the personal knowledge or experience of the answerer.

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@RDG, gosh I hope that if you ever lived in such conditions that it wasn’t for long.

If I had a chance to wish into happening, either an improved life for myself or you, I would wish it for you. At least I lived up some really good times in my past.

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@Patty_Melt That’s such a nice post.

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I second that, Patty. You’ve gone through so much.

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