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I need somebody to do some voice over work for a project...

Asked by pplufthesun (612points) August 24th, 2008

Where can I go to get this done for free, or who can do it on this site. Thanks

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If you want someone that sounds like a grizzly, sure why not people would do it for free.

But for some decent voice, I’m afraid it’s going to cost you some moola.

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I just need somebody that isn’t me

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What’s the project? I might be up for it.

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Yeah, details! I have a voice!

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I just need somebody to say a few lines for a video project about my history. And he said that we should not use our voice. If you are really interested i am trying to get the project finished now, so email me at

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The entire project is only about 1 minute, a little less.

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check your email

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Although, I just had a thought…can’t you just get a family member or friend to do it? Wouldn’t that be quicker and easier?

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Brother is at college and the only friend I could think about using has the class.

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One man…one vision…ond DESIRE!

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