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Computing problems?

Asked by himenokuri (6points) August 24th, 2008

for some reason all my taskbar buttons are gone so if I want to switch between say Internet explorer and my photo editor I have to hit alt+tab I would like to get the buttons back so I can move more easily between windows can someone help me?

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Open My Computer. Find the icon for control panel. Open it. Find the applet for Taskbar and Start Menu. Open it. Check the box to Keep the taskbar on top of other windows. Uncheck Auto-hide the taskbar. I hate that.

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Follow IchtheosaurusRex’s instructions. Also, when you’re done right-click on the taskbar and click on “Lock the Taskbar”. That will prevent it from disappearing on you again.

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I do keep my toolbar on top of other windows but what my problem is is that the buttons themselves are gone just plain gone there is no button for Internet Explorer and no button for AIM so I can’t switch between windows unless I go ctl tab

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