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What makes newspapers great for cleaning windows? See detail.

Asked by flo (12904points) April 20th, 2019

Is it the ink? What is it that makes it a great cleaner, even when using water not necessarily the glass cleaning liquid products out there.

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Texture. It’s not gritty like sandpaper, which would scratch windows. But it’s not soft and wimpy and prone to fall part, like paper towels.

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No lint

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For me mainly because after reading it’s a free window cleaner.

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I don’t like it because the ink comes off on my hands. I remember when I was young they used a different kind of ink on the newspapers. I think the story about newspapers being good for washing windows came from that time. These days other than tradition, there are other methods of cleaning windows that are far superior.

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I agree with @snowberry. Same with newspaper as receptacle for fish & chips. I know it’s tradition, but the idea of ink mixing with hot oil mixing with food is just gross.

Of course, I haven’t bought a physical newspaper in about 25 years, so there’s that.

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Why wouldn’t the glass become slightly darker though?

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