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Is the infighting and disarray at the NRA good for America as a whole?

Asked by elbanditoroso (27988points) April 29th, 2019

The NRA’s annual meeting is/was this weekend, and apparently there is all sorts of internal power struggling going within that organization. Their president, former criminal and felon Oliver North, resigned.

The organization had veered into right wing politics that have nothing to do with firearms.

Is the internal fighting at the NRA good for America? In that they’re less effective at being a right wing political organization?

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It has been falling apart for years. I know of several hunters that dropped out of the NRA over the political stance.

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Good or bad, it’s all the same in corporations or other groups of people. Nothing new here…

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Many are moving to the GOA “Gun Owners Of America” They straight up are a lobbying organization and don’t meddle into other politics.

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The President’s welcome praise of White Supremacists at the NRA meeting demonstrates they are an un-American organization and should be considered traitors to the Constitution. You can’t elevate one amendment and ignore all the others.

And, they are finally recognized as a Ponzi scheme for the enrichment of their executive director.

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I would need more information. I was always under the impression that to the NRA all gun owners are created equal. Is there anything to indicate otherwise? Keep in mind that any financial difficulties they may be having may be due in part to Trump’s presidency making it less urgent for gun owners to support the NRA.

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”...under the impression that to the NRA all gun owners are created equal.

that’s all White gun owners. The NRA was quite in favor of gun control when it meant the Black Panthers, and is silent when a black gun owner is shot by police.

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ANYTHING that disrupts the gun lobby is good for America.

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It is a good sign if the turmoil is being caused by those who think that issues related to gun ownership should not take on racial overtones. This would make for a more relevant discussion about the second amendment and the rights of gun owners on the one hand and the need for safety on the other.

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I think it’s a good thing, they need to move into a more socially responsible forum, like most of us who own guns. Focus more on gun safety & responsibility, than defending our 2nd amendment and politics. Basically, stay in their lane.

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Yep. I remember my dad dropping his membership back in the 1990s.

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@KNOWITALL I agree – I think where they started to go wrong – and this is 15–20 years ago – is when they tried to become a social movement instead of a firearms organization.

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But their strategy is despicably correct for the goals they pursue. You MUST insist that contrary to common sense our gunplay epidemic has nothing to do with our glut of weaponry nor our laxity in regulation. The NRA is a political organization by dire necessity.

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@stanleybmanly My mind changed a bit when I was gifted a handgun and told by agencies I didn’t have to report or register it in my state.
I have nothing to hide and I passed my background checks for conceal carry, etc….but I’d feel safer knowing others that couldn’t pass would be questioned.

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@zenvelo “that’s all White gun owners. The NRA was quite in favor of gun control when it meant the Black Panthers, and is silent when a black gun owner is shot by police.”

To be expected, I suppose, from an organization that once appointed an old racist, who had been convicted of murdering a 16 year-old Hispanic boy and once spearheaded what he named “Operation Wetback”, to a position of leadership.

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