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Are there any supplements, medications, vitamins, etc that you could eat like candy, because of the flavor?

Asked by Yellowdog (12208points) April 29th, 2019

Tums has just come out with an antacid / calcium supplement product that is like large Skittles.

And some of the probiotic gummies I take, well, its hard to eat just two. Eating six, or ten, might cause some problems.
I even like to drink Alka-Seltzer Cherry as a fizzy drink.

I’m not talking about drug effects, addictions, or dependencies for medical effects. I’m talking about medicine that tastes like candy or something else pleasurable that it is hard to resist.

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When I was a child I liked Flintstone vitamins and redacted.

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There are kids vitamins in “gummi” form. Unfortunately, young kids have OD’d on them, which can mess them up for a few days.

There are also medical marijuana edibles in gummi form too. Eat too many of those and you’ll be wiped out for a week.

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I could toss a handful of vitamin c tablets in my mouth.

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I have gummy vitamin C which taste just like orange slice gummy candy (they have sugar grains on the outside). Also multivitamin gummies which are taste a little weird compared to regular candy but they’re not horrible. It makes taking vitamins kind of fun.

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I don’t like gummies, but I did have one bottle of CoQ-10 gummies and it was just like the candy, so I think if someone had them in a candy jar a guest would easily mistake them for real candy and it lots of them at once. It’s dangerous. I’m in favor of good tasting chewable candy, but I think there should be specific shapes or markings that they are medicine.

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