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Is Dr. Terry Wahls saying eat food that's good for you to cure M.S?

Asked by flo (13313points) May 6th, 2019
Is it about M.S (Multiple Sclerosis) and eating better.

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She is saying, “Give me $1200.”

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Not “food that’s good for you…” She is saying eat a ketogenic diet.

The ketogenic diet was developed for treating epilepsy, so its application to other neurological conditions is not unexpected.

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Seems to me that if food really were able to cure MS, it would have been cured already.

One thing that I didn’t see on her web site was peer reviewed research. Or, for that matter, FDA or CDC approval.

Smells like a get rich quick scheme.

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@hmmmmmm Thanks. Might as well be a million dollars.
@zenvelo So, Ketogenic diet is food that’s not good for you?

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@flo Long term, the Keto diet is not a healthy diet for those who do not have a neurological reason to follow it. If you are otherwise healthy, the Keto diet is not good for you.

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@zenvelo Keto is also used for treating diabetes, low carbs means the pancreas doesn’t have to produce as much insulin.

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Here is another one (I don’t know the site either): Scrolling down the heading:
“Increased risk of heart disease and diabetes”

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@zenvelo Have you read @hmmmmmm‘s and @elbanditoroso‘s posts?

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@flo yes, I read them. I answered your question, I did not say Dr Wahls was right or wrong.

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@flo – Just to be clear – I’m not making a statement on the validity of ketogenic diet on MS. Rather, if it is true that some people can find relief through this diet, the cost to learn about the diet is literally $0. It’s all available online or from your public library. $1200 for this type of thing seems about $1200 too much.

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@hmmmmmm—Ok but does my post imply that I thought you meant it was invalid.

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…Please ignore the 2nd link in my second post, I don’t think it refers to M.S.

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That’s the cost to attend her in-person seminar. You could also buy her book or look for free online resources. My point is that the information is accessible for FAR less than $1200.

I have followed the Wahl’s protocol and it helped with my autoimmune/health issues. I think it’s a very smart diet, if you have a health concern that it would be appropriate for. There are 3 versions of the Wahl’s protocol and only one is ketogenic. The fundamental principles for the protocol are to avoid inflammatory foods (grains, legumes, dairy) and eat various vegetables (especially sulfurous vegetables) and high-quality meat.

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@Cupcake “My point is…” but that isn’t that your only post? I’m looking for the post where you made the point you’re referring to?

Anyway it’s not just for far less it’s for $0.
“Seems to me that if food really were able to cure MS, it would have been cured already.” to quote @elbanditoroso

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If you want my opinion, I clicked on your link on my phone, and I couldn’t easily figure out how to get to her recommendations and basic diet information, so I probably wouldn’t spend a penny on her ideas.

Personally, I’m very interested in research related to vitamin D and MS. I think my doctor might have saved me from developing MS or Parkinson’s. I’ll never know for sure.

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@JLeslie It’s all about reserving seat buying whatever, I think.

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She’s currently doing a clinical trial.

What makes people think that diet changes would have already been proven? I don’t understand that argument at all. Knowledge of inflammatory-producing foods and their role in autoimmune diseases is relatively new. Rigorous diet-based research is notoriously difficult.

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