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What occupations are legal yet slightly nefarious and/or seedy?

Asked by give_seek (739points) May 8th, 2019

Hello. I’m writing a short story, and I’d like to give the main character an interesting (perhaps even unusual) occupation. Having the occupation be a touch unsavory would connect with the plot I’m developing.

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Pawn broker.

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A spammy telemarketing rep.

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Bouncer at a seedy pub (with all respect to MrGrimm)

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Border Patrol agent. ICE agent.

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Repo man

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Politician. Ambulance chasing accident lawer.

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Payday lender, heath insurance executive, viral marketing specialist, big data analyst, factory farmer, street magician, pool hustler, used car salesman, mechanic, private prison manager.

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Agree politician.
Annuity broker.

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These are such great suggestions. The payday lender is especially intriguing. Thanks @gorillapaws

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Lobbyist. Bounty hunter. Fortune teller. Snake oil salesman.

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Publicity agent
Bounty hunter

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stripper, ghost writer, hunting trip organizer, gossip columnist, tabloid reporter, motivational speaker, professional wrestler

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1) Metal Recycling center operator. Stolen oods go in, the thief is paid, and the center resells the scrap to large metal processors at a profit.
2) Pawn shop owner
3) Drug Reseller like RDC. In the news recently

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Pigs, soldiers, lawyers, politicians, bankers, door-to-door salespeople, telemarketers, hunters, gunshop-owners, gun-range owners, gun youtubers, fox news functionaries, priests and pastors, missionaries, secret agents, insurance agents, your mum.

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How about the unlikely?
Avon lady came to my mind. Those shady bitches go in houses, nobody suspects them. Wives of shady characters invite them right in.

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Funeral Services Director
The guy that picks up and disposes of road kills
Line worker at a chicken processing plant
Slaughter house worker
Body Part model

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Annuity pushers.

Used car sales person.

Reverse mortgage pushers.

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@stanleybmanly The fortune teller occupation is a fascinating one. Thanks!

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