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What do I do with my sugar daddy?

Asked by bell0804 (39points) May 8th, 2019

I recently found a sugar daddy and I couldn’t be happier. He said were just platonic which is fine by me but how do these relationships work? What all can I ask of him?

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How sweet is he?

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Tell him that you don’t want to use him and walk away.

If you actually like him as a friend, then be a friend, but don’t use him for his money, even if he says he wants to spend money on you. If you use him for his money, it just makes you seem like a jerk.

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@Stanley he’s very kind and generous

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Enjoy yourself. Try not to abuse your good fortune.

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Wait, what? You have a husband and a sugar daddy?

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You are arm candy, he spoils you. You should be taken on dates and social events, basically make all his friends envious of his sugar baby. Jewelry, rent, clothes, trips, shopping, its basically up to you two to decide how far to ‘appreciate’ eachothers company.

There are shows about it, probably need to watch those and learn.

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Make sure if you go out in public with your sugar daddy, your husband knows ahead of time about the arrangement, otherwise he will find out through someone else, and he is likely to be upset.

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@jca2, the questions are dated years apart.
I imagine the bruise is long gone.

Rent free apartment seems good, but a break up means the street for you.
Hard assets are a wiser choice. Jewelry is good. Cars are good, and more practical in the now. Jewelry is a good investment against tomorrow, because beauty fades, and sugar daddies don’t hang on to hags.
If he gets you a car, see that he upgrades annually.

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Whatever you do, get it in writing. Verbal promises have a way of being ignored when you break up. And you will break up.

The other thing you need to ask yourself – what is his motivation?

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Can you define what you mean by sugar daddy? That might help understand your motivation.

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Why not cash? That’s what an escort service would expect. Why not you?

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Platonic relationship with a sugar daddy. I thought I knew what being a sugar daddy means. This is a learning moment.

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Some mistake platonic to simply mean non sexual. A sugar daddy by definition implies that “baby” is another expensive luxury defining “daddy”. Whether or not there’s any sex involved with the exchange is irrelevant. The “owner” has the luxury of most (men) assuming a sexual relationship. And even if that possibility seems fleetingly likely, there’s the statement “I can afford to surround myself with lovely things.”

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I was gonna say lick his candy cane.

Guess I just did.

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