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Hello! I need help with chemistry and FAST PLEASE!

Asked by Lotus543678 (4points) May 12th, 2019

Hello! I need help with Chemistry:
24 grams of Magnesium react with HNO3,mass of dissolved solution is 500grams. Calculate mass of solution of HNO3 . Calculate the volume of H2.
Please show me the steps.

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Mg + 2HNO3 => Mg(NO3)2 + H2

One mole of Mg ~ 24g. That means you start with one mole of Mg. In the end, it takes 2 HNO3 to balance the equation. This releases one mole of H2. The standard volume of one mole of H2 is 22.4L, so the volume you created is 22.4 liters at STP

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