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Would you volunteer for a one-way trip to Mars?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26396points) May 14th, 2019 from iPhone

What if NASA needs just ordinary civilians to go on this mission would you do it?

Let’s assume the mission is to build the first human habitat and live in it. Assume NASA had it all figured out for about 20 people to survive on Mars until their natural death.

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I could not go. They would have to find a care giver to assign to me.

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No. It would take too long to get there and it seems too full of risk.

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Plus it would mean never seeing my loved ones again.

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Only if they offer high-speed, quantum-entangled internet.

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And by the way, if you are part of the first wave, you will not be an “ordinary citizen”.
You will be required to be a psychologically vetted polymath, who must be able to do any of the tasks at hand, in case something goes wrong.
Just imagine if your only engineer/mechanic suddenly died.
You would be FUCKED.

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^ this…

And, no way, Jose!

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Yes, @ragingloli really got this one right. Kudos on this one.

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Only as a corpse.

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Not under any circumstances.

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Sure. That said, I doubt I’d survive the 3 month trip.

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I call dibs on dictator!

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I’d go for sure. Nothing keeping me here and if something goes wrong, I’ll take myself out. I cant believe you guys wouldnt go!?!

@RedDeer Fine with me Captain!

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Sounds like a recipe for complete failure, so no.

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If I could freely and without editing, transmit my thoughts and observations, maybe…
Let me think about it.

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I would like to online chat with someone who did go. That would be cool.

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It’s not for me. I’d love a massive Mars colonization though. I’d love getting updates on how it’s going.

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I’d go. I almost died here on this planet a few weeks ago just riding a bicycle. May as well chase some adventure.

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Why travel for several months in a small box to live in a severely cold cave? Just go to Antarctica.

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No. My time on earth is limited as it is. I don’t want to spend the rest of it in a dark place where I will know no one.

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“Let’s assume the mission is to build the first human habitat and live in it. Assume NASA had it all figured out for about 20 people to survive on Mars until their natural death.”

That part is scary.

UNTIL NASA decides its time for a natural death…more like it?

A little scary to have an entity in charge of ones life.

What happens is funding is scrapped, or a war breaks out on Earth and everyone forgets the ones that they sent to Mars?

What then?

If a trained astronaut was NOT going, I wouldn’t either, ordinary people would be considered expendable!!!

No thanks !

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@Inspired_2write We’re all expendable on an overpopulated earth with limited resources. Does it really matter where your body is? Imagine the headline, first Martian-born human dies. Interesting.

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The premise of the question is pretty clear: it’s a one-way trip. That means that you know going into it that you will not be returning, ever. It’s also the premise that the habitat is set up containing everything needed for survival for the rest of a typical human lifespan. Therefor further contact from from Earth or funding is irrelevant (indeed the premise of the question rather implies that there will be no further physical contact nor funding or supplies).

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Exactly..funding can’t allow forever.

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The habitat you’d be moving into would be self-sustaining. Funding isn’t part of the equation here.

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^^True. And would like to add though that in this scenario these volunteers would still have regular communications with their friends and family on Earth.

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