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Do you like how the John Wick story turned out to be after the first movie?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28969points) May 17th, 2019 from iPhone

Spoiler alert! The first film was “fresh” as a dramatic and hardcore action movie but the sequel seemed to have been taken to silly fantasy level where there are hundreds of assassins in one city alone. The third installment based on the trailer would expand this fantasy even more.

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From the beginning these films have been vehicles for action setpieces.
“Guy kills russian mobster because they shot his dog” is not exactly The Iliad.

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Gun Fu I like. Too much fantasy action maybe not. Still deciding whether to see this new movie later or not.

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I enjoyed the first one even if it was the literary equivalent of a cheeseburger and fries. It was fun because if how over the top it was. The 2nd was tolerable but did not add to the first I probably won’t bother with this installment.

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^^Checking out other film openings today. Lol

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Netflix for sure though

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I am not a big fan of Keanu Reeves, but I really enjoyed the first John Wick movie. The second one seemed more routine. I will see the third one.

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I thought the original was pretty silly and exaggerated and had an unbelievable comic-book-ish fantasy assassin / mob world already. But some of the action was enjoyable to watch.

John Wick 2 started with an action situation that totally destroyed my ability to believe in it. It was terribly stupid on so many levels, even just the motivation. I forgot most of it, but IIRC it was supposedly he was mad about his car again, but sacrifices his car going postal about it when he didn’t need to. And he pointlessly exposed himself left and right, relying on plot armor to protect him, even though he was just pointlessly attacking minor minions. Or at least, that’s what I remember. And then, yeah, the rest of it was doubling down on the “world of assassins” nonsense in mostly unbelievable and not-making-sense ways.

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It’s certainly far fetched. But it’s original, in that way. I think I like the direction it’s heading a lot more than most run of the mill revenge movies. I’m looking forward to 3…

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I thought the first one was mindnumbingly dull and repetitive. Watched the sequel on dvd for the heck of it and I turned it off within the first 10 minutes. Definitely going to skip the third one

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Just saw 3, and I expect 4, so it’s hard to say how this will end.

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