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Do people go to confession to repent for their sins in order to not go to hell?

Asked by dg03 (35points) May 17th, 2019

Why do people go to confession?

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I’m not Catholic, but I believe that in the Catholic church, they believe that they have to confess before they receive communion. Also, by confessing, the priest absolves them of their sins.

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Mom said Catholics also have to go to confession during Easter.
I never went to confession to not go to hell. I went because Mom said I had to. That was before I got smart and became an Atheist.
Mom also said that a Catholic must go to confession at least once during Easter or you wouldn’t be a Catholic anymore. Not that that bothered me. And this may have been some mumbo-jumbo the Sisters of the Sacred Cross told her or something she herself made up.

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From the Catholics that I know, so many were scared when they were growing up, being told scary things, and ridden with guilt about not doing this or not doing that, or sinning. It seems like such a fear-based religion. Maybe it’s different now, I don’t know, but I’m talking about the ones who are adults now who were coming of age in the 50’s through the later part of the century.

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Not go to hell and relieve themselves of the suffocating feelings of guilt.

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So the confession / hell thing is really transactional, it seems.

You show up at church and you say a few things, and you have bought yourself a ticket to heaven. Does sincerity play a role? Honest feelings of remorse? Or is it all about the transaction?

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To avoid hell is the literal traditional motivation.

However, the real purpose in the core of it is to offer safe listening and healing for the soul and mind and to restore them to a good path with integrity and benevolence.

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I wish I knew which response @KNOWITALL answered YES to.

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Me too @elbanditoroso.

“Does sincerity play a role? Honest feelings of remorse?” Yes.
“But what if you weren’t really sincere?

“Or is it all about the transaction?” Yes.
“In which case, it doesn’t matter if you were sincere.”

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@elbanditoroso @Dutchess_III
I thought it was likely:
“Do people go to confession to repent for their sins in order to not go to hell?” Yes.

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Come to think of it after reading @Zaku’s “safe listening” phrase I can’t help but think that it could mean the physical safety of one who confesses who probably was also sincerely remorseful for inflicting harm on someone —- but instead of asking forgiveness directly from that aggrieved someone—-in fear of retaliation ——- the confessor chooses the safe space and the secrecy of the process the priest provides thus avoiding the potential immediate physical consequences of the offenses he committed.

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@elbanditoroso Um, the OP’s question.

Do you want me to answer yours, too? Yes, it must be sincere to work. God knows our hearts and the bible specifically addresses ‘religion for show’.

You know I don’t delve into religion too deeply here because of the endless snark.

Actual verses here:

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If it has to be sincere then it’s broke. People may be sincere at the time….then they go out and do it again.

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Why should people be afraid of going to Hell?

People should accept that if Hell is their destiny, they need to accept that they will suffer unbearable, unimaginable agony and pain for all eternity, without end. Everyone is a sinner. Everyone goes to Hell.

Accept it and quit trying to quell it with phony religious beliefs and rituals which were only created to stave off fears why we still are alive.

Instead, live life to the fullest;experience everything, every pleasure and every act of kindness this world has to offer, while we are here. while we can. Life is short.

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@Yellowdog If everyone goes to hell,

1) why does the clergy push the concept of going to heaven? Why should anyone behave? Sounds like bait and switch to me.

2) If Jesus died for your sins, then how can you be a sinner?

Sounds off somehow.

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Religion was made up to quell the fears that people are actually afraid of. If people KNEW that they were going to spend eternity if the worst pain imaginable, they would not be able to make a difference here because they would be terrified. In fact, the human mind cannot cope with that reality. So we invented religion to make ourselves believe that we have ‘a way out’ of our fate.

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@Yellowdog: You don’t believe in heaven? Only hell?

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Wait…religion is made up @Yellowdog, and you’re a true believer in this made up scenario?

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@Dutchess_III Those of us who know Truth, that there is only Hell for every human who has ever existed on this planet, go without hope.

The ‘ethical’ thing to do is convince people of atheism or religion, where there is no Hell. THat way, people can go through life as long as they can in ignorant bliss, without fear. We might as well enjoy our time here while we can.

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What does “ignorant bliss” even mean? Is it better to go through life knowing you’re going to hell no matter what you do? “Ignorant bliss” sounds infinitely preferable to a life of fear and dread waiting for the end.

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You may call it ignorant. I call it rational. Or, @Yellowdog are you saying that all atheists are ignorant?

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Well, according to his theology yes. I think that’s what he’s saying. We are ignorant. But at least we are blissful. Which is what I’d rather be than stressing out about what’s for sure going to happen when I die.

Another thing that set me on the road to atheism, was how everyone took Christianity and personalized it. They threw somethings out, and expanded on other things, and believed in their invented religion fervently. @Yellowdog is a good example.

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