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Absolutely none of my business as long as any consummation is consensual.

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Consenting adults can do whatever they want.

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It’s wrong. Even the Lannasters knew that.

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I would discourage it in MY family. Otherwise, squirrels with rabbits, kangaroos with dingos? I’d prefer not to worry about it.

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Use birth control. Otherwise, have at it.

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Recipe for disaster.

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In my opinion, it’s weird but I can tell you working in CPS, it’s not uncommon. Not saying long term relationships between siblings are common, but siblings fooling around with each other, not uncommon.

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In one way, it’s gross, same parents, etc….in another, it seems to have been fairly common in noble houses throughout history. Reeks to me of eugenics or desperation, whichever applies.

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I think more likely than not, its more about availability and once again in teenagers, frantic hormone driven desperation.

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Makes me wanna puke, as someone with a twin brother, but I’m not going to make anyone else’s weird relationship my business unless they want me to.

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I think it’s more complicated than “if they’re consenting adults, just slap a condom on it”.

Consent kind of goes out the window when the dynamics are so messed up.

I’d liken it to the idea of a groomed child giving consent. Even if they’re of an age to legally consent, the dynamics derailed way before then.

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I agree about the concept of a skewed power dynamic, @raum, but I personally ,want “consensual in the way that assumes both parties are equal. For example. We are taught that it is absolutely taboo, but that has almost always been from the standpoint of avoiding inbreeding (which is a very valid point), but even then not absolute as there is no guarantee that the nasty little alleles will manifest, just a higher likelihood.

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And romantic love? Sex is only 3 letters long.

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I am all for it.
You have to keep the blood line pure.

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You know loli, one of the great confusions for me here involves you, animals, sex and the Rock. It’s another one of those subjects that further engraves the frown lines in my forehead.

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Sorry, but I can’t get past the ick factor personally.

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Yes. We’re lucky (most of us) to have an inborn revulsion at the thought. Do you think it is inborn or learned. I was once told by a woman I respect that nothing could be more natural than her teenage attraction to her younger brother.

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It’s gross.

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Having a brother that I can’t stand, I can’t get past the need to throw up at the thought. At the same time, I feel that as long as they don’t ask me to join in, it’s really none of my business!!! My thought process for most of my life has been.just because it’s wrong for me, it doesn’t mean that it has to be wrong for you!!! I definitely do NOT want to know who is doing it!!!

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Depends would you find He-Man and She-Ra hooking up as normal? They have limited hero’s to find as equals. Sounds like traditional medieval relationship planning for royalty.
~ Must… not…make… Medici incest joke.

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I knew someone who dated a guy who looked like her twin. I kept wanting to vomit when they would kiss or hold each other. I kept thinking it’s just so gross and they said they were not related at all. Not only did they look the same, their mannerism was identical down to the same smile. Even among fraternal twins I have never seen that much resemblance. Everyone kept thinking they should do a blood test because someone daddy and mom may have screwed around and they had to be half siblings at least.

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Well I don’t know if it’s instictively abhorrent or if society says it’s abhorrent but it’s six kinds of wrong IMO. Just as wrong as a father having a sexual relationship with his daughter even if she is of legal consenting age.

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^Even if it’s the POTUS?~

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Incest is best.

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Sister sister or brother brother is OK but not a brother sister romantic relationship. One should not swim in ones own genetic pool. Sick in more ways than one. Also the kid’s mom and dad will also be its aunt and uncle. HA!

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