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What are you looking forward to accomplishing in June?

Asked by ltoban (330points) May 28th, 2019

Simply put – What are your June goals?

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To last til I he 4th of July.

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None. My goal periods are 6 months or a year. Not a short month.

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To wake up every morning including July 1

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I usually don’t make goals like that. I have plans and I have expectations but not usually goals.

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Meeting a fellow Jelly in a foreign country.

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@stanleybmanly To last until July 4th? What do you mean?

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@elbanditoroso Thanks an interesting perspective. Are you on track to accomplish your 6 month goals?

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@LadyMarissa What do you mean? Why July1 and not July 2 and the day after?

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@jca2 So you set out to accomplish your plans?

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@ltoban I stopped on July 1 because the Q only asked about my goals for June & July 1 took me through the last day of June. Had I added July 2, I would have been attacked by a jelly telling me that i didn’t answer the Q as asked. I was erring on the side of caution.

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