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What does it matter if you're smart, ugly, bald, etc., if, when we die, it's all the same anyway?

Asked by luigirovatti (1712points) June 1st, 2019

To me, it’s because of the fact that we can’t accept the notion of dying, that we come up with our different ideas of things, people, and the world in general, when our only purpose in life should be to make people better.

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“only purpose in life should be to make people better”

Why should that be our purpose? And how do you make someone else better anyhow?

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I’m immortal. So it doesn’t apply to me.

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@Darth_Algar: Because fear of death drives the actions of most of the actions of the general person. So, this is based on a real thing. The rest, it’s all garbage, trash. So, unless someone hasn’t yet experienced this fear, I don’t believe he would want others to feel the same way (s)he did too.

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It doesn’t matter about our looks, how much money we have, the huge mansion, the boats, the cars. Because regardless of your beliefs, you can’t take any of that with you. However, those are the things we have some control of in this earthly body, so for that reason, many of us choose to enhance what we were born with.

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Doesn’t really address the question, but okay…

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@Darth_Algar: I’m curious, what did you not understand?

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The question to me is why do people get so wrapped up about looks or wealth or any of that? It seems that these things don’t last. Beauty queens will still eventually sag and wrinkle. Wealth can continue to grow and grow, yet when you die, you cannot take a penny with you. What are we putting our values into?

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You did not address the question of why, nor the question of how.

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@Darth_Algar: The How is “solved” when the person who helps overcomes this fear for him/herself. The Why is not mandatory, of course, but I think it’s the only purpose left in life, once you let go of your death fear.

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It matters a very great deal WHILE YOU’RE HERE!!!!

Those assets will in no small measure determine your ability to achieve such goals.

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@stanleybmanly: What would that be supposed to mean?

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“What would that be supposed to mean???” You trip me up. I forget about the language thing. Your English is for the most part superb. So when I run into a phrase like that it’s like potholes in a smooth road. Are you asking me “what does that mean? ” Or are you asking sarcastically “what’s that supposed to mean Mr. Smarty Pants?”

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@stanleybmanly: It’s maybe a bit of both. I happen to have quite a complex personality.

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It isn’t your personality at issue with that phrase. Don’t you prefer “is that” to “would that be”?

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Anyway, if you believe our goal in life should be to make people better, the nature of people dominated by superficial factors dictates that your ability to achieve that goal will be enhanced by the acquisition of as many tools or assets as you might wrangle. In other words, I am just cynical and superficial enough to stipulate a stupid, ugly, poor man not only less likely to achieve such a goal, but burdened with privations such that he is unlikely to arrive at even consideration of such a thing. “YOU” apparently have the leisure and disposition to dwell on such matters. In one sense you’re ahead of the curve. How about philosophy for a hobby? How far are you into it?

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….” because of the fact that we can’t accept the notion of dying…”

This is an assumption., unless one interviews EVERYONE on Earth?

The mere right of living in human form and experiencing life with our five senses is a privilege afforded to some and not all.
To the second statement “What does it matter?”
Because you only have one life in this time to live, so be glad that you are afforded this privilege as many cannot even gain entry. ( as per belief of Tibetan People)

I watched an interview of the Dali Lama address the question of suicide and he stated that “if” the person knew that it took a soul two hundred earth years to reincarnate on Earth and that so many Souls that have to wait or cannot do so long for it and that if they realized that fact they would not think of ending there valuable life and a chance to live fully.

Life is a privilege and it’s the experience of existence that is paramount .

To accomplish whatever passions or interests or cause is a added bonus..

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“what” I’m telling you is “what would that be supposed to mean?” is very jumbled English. And my first answer is not following the general conversation here (which I still haven’t read) but my reaction to the initial question.

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@stanleybmanly: Ah, you meant “what’s that?”, or “what would that be?”. See, I like mixing formal and expressive language at the same time.

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But you’re missing my point. Your intention is lost. ALL meaning is lost in the awkwardness of the resulting expression. I can’t tell what you are asking? Is it “what do you WANT that to mean?” Or “explain yourself”?

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Well, those things only matter when you’re alive. When you’re dead nothing matters. Not even your family or grandchildren (that’s the part I don’t think about.)

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In the end NOTHING is the same. You’re non existent not equalized. I wonder why, when we are living so many years, we would take our standard of experience as what happens say the last day? How about the quality of experience all the days before? You LIVE and experience all along the way. So that is where “counting” is found. No?

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I’ve cheated death more than a few times, and that leads me to believe that my death will be loud and obscene. Death will come for me probably with a shit-eating grin. I’ve put it in my heart and soul, I’ll not go out lying in some bed. I’ll go out on my feet cursing and growling. It will be my last screw you to an uncaring world.

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